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$30K hiring incentive offered by Las Cruces police for experienced officers

KDBC El Paso logo KDBC El Paso 11/24/2022 Karin Sanchez

The Las Cruces Police Department is offering a $30,000 hiring incentive to hire experienced police officers.

Las Cruces Police told KFOX14 that while they no longer struggle with an officer shortage, they offered this incentive to plan and be prepared for the retirement of some of their officers.

We want to hire officers that have experience already and are able to contribute to the police department quickly," said Lieutenant Joshua Savage," Las Cruces Police Department training director, "We’re trying to stay competitive with other agencies around the state that are offering similar incentives.

Las Cruces police said they will give officers $10,000 at hire, $10,000 at the completion of their field training program, and a final $10,000 at the completion of probation.

They said they specifically looked to hire police officers with a minimum of two years of experience.

"We don’t have to put that officer through a 5 to 6-month academy and the academy is shortened based on the ability of the officer," said Lieutenant Savage.

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Savage told CBS4 their goal was to hire 10 to 15 experienced officers.

He said the hiring process for new hires was lengthier and hiring experienced officers would also fill that gap.

"Some of the challenges were trying to tackle is getting qualified applicants to apply for the police department and so with that incentive that’s what this is basically trying to cover," said Lieutenant Savage.

CBS4 spoke with Las Crucens to find out if they thought the money was being used in the right place.

"It completely depends on how the period of time in which those $30,000 are disbursed it’s very different to get 30,000 in one lump sum versus across 8 years 10 years of service," said Las Cruces resident Juan Garza.

"Incentivizing them through money instead of maybe reallocating that money elsewhere to fix any sort of problems that or concerns that people might have for that’s stopping them from enrolling might be a better solution for that," said Las Crucen Jennifer Bencomo.

Las Cruces Police said they planned to open an academy in Jan. with its own incentives for new hires and looked to start that in July.

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