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3 Essential Devices That Promote Independence For Seniors

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Technology has proven beneficial in many ways, helping to make processes easier and more convenient. It has impacted various aspects of life, including everyday tasks. As people age, technology can play an important role in helping them to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 72% of older adults in the US own a smartphone, and 46% own a tablet, indicating how accessible technology has become. Here are four tech devices that can help seniors live happier and more independent lives.

Smart home devices

Smart home devices, such as voice-controlled assistants, smart thermostats, and security cameras, can make it easier for seniors to control their environment and stay safe. For example, voice-controlled assistants can set reminders, make phone calls, and play music.

Meanwhile, smart thermostats can be used to adjust the temperature in a room without having to get up. Mobility is an issue for many older adults, making this a welcome addition to the home.

Similarly, security cameras can monitor the home remotely, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind. Over the years, smart homes have gained popularity, and according to a Forbes survey, there’s more ahead. According to research, there will be more smart home upgrades with senior citizens in mind, making things easier and more convenient.

Fall detection devices

Falls are more likely to occur as one grows older. That is due to increased mobility issues, and poor vision, among others. Thankfully, fall detection devices are designed to alert caregivers or emergency services if a senior falls. These devices can be worn as a pendant or wristbands. More importantly, they use motion sensors to detect falls.

These include personal alarms, a welcome addition to the various devices designed to make life easier for seniors. Even better, they are vital devices for older people with an increased risk of falls. They have an emergency alert service on hand and can keep loved ones informed if immediate care is needed. Fortunately, some of these modern gadgets can be integrated with smart home devices to automatically call for help if a fall is detected. 

Medication reminders

As the name implies, medication reminders are designed to help seniors remember to take their prescribed drugs on time. That can be especially important for older adults who are on multiple medications. Medication reminders often come in mobile apps, wearable devices, or smart pill bottles.

These devices are designed to send notifications and track adherence to the prescribed schedule. This data is subsequently shared with healthcare providers who use digital feedback to make further decisions about your care. The more committed you are to these medication reminders, the better they will track your schedule. Like other tech devices, they are purposely designed to improve your quality of life by monitoring your health.

If you’re a senior, the devices mentioned above can help improve your quality of life and simplify your daily activities. Likewise, if you’re thinking of something useful to get your elderly loved ones, these devices could come in handy.


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