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Best Apps to Sell Furniture and Get Cash for Used Furniture

Kinda Frugal logo: MainLogo Kinda Frugal 10/25/2022 Sara Graham

I can’t count the number of times we’ve moved.

My family and I have moved across town, across the state, and across the country. The one thing all of our moves had in common is this: we wanted to sell a bunch of furniture before leaving. We’ve had to sell our furniture for a variety of reasons.

Some pieces wouldn’t fit in the new place. Other items weren’t worth the cost or trouble of moving them. Some we just didn’t need or didn’t want anymore.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your furniture, apps make it a lot easier to find a buyer. While there is no single best app for selling furniture, there are a handful of apps that can help you sell used furniture from your phone without too much friction.

Besides using apps to sell furniture, there are several additional ways to offload your furniture online and locally. I’ll cover those as well.

What Is the Best App to Sell Furniture?

The best apps to sell furniture include Chairish, OfferUp, and eBay. You can sell your furniture using any of these apps, but the best app for you depends on the type, quality, and size of your pieces. Also consider whether you prefer local buyers, whether you are willing to ship, and commissions.

Best Apps for Selling Furniture

If the idea of getting rid of your used furniture via your smartphone appeals to you, there’s an app for that. Some of the apps below are tied to popular online marketplaces. If you have any problems with their app, you can sell your furniture via the associated website.

1. Chairish

If you have high-quality pieces or items you know have lasting value, you might find Chairish the best app for selling furniture. Not every item that gets submitted makes it onto the platform, however. The team of experts at Chairish picks which pieces of furniture get listed.

Because every piece that’s sold via their marketplace is curated, buyers expect quality used furniture. You will find furniture at different price points, but none of it is junk. A lot of it is designer pre-owned furniture.

Their commission ranges from 20 to 30 percent of the sale price. They do not have an Android app, but their iOS app is popular with buyers and sellers.

2. Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Apartment Therapy is a home decor and design blog that helps its readers beautify their apartments. They’ve opened an online secondhand shop specializing in furniture, home furnishings, and decor items called Apartment Therapy Bazaar.

The companion app is available for both iOS and Android. Adding a new listing and managing your existing listings can all be done through their app.

3. OfferUp

OfferUp is a huge mobile marketplace where people buy and sell all types of items, including furniture. You have the option to sell locally or offer to ship.

Creating a listing with the OfferUp app is pretty smooth. You can take a picture of your item or choose a photo you already have on your phone. It only takes a couple of minutes to upload your photos then type in the title and details.

The app is available in the App Store and on Google Play. There is a messaging system for communicating with buyers. You can also use the app to find a meeting location and coordinate an exchange.

4. eBay

Many people think of eBay first when they’re looking to sell something online or buy something secondhand for cheap. eBay has long been the leader for buying and selling almost anything from cars to clothes and much more. If a product exists, you can probably find it on eBay.

A bid-centric buying and selling site like eBay is going to require more of your time listing your item for sale, answering questions, and monitoring your auction. You can set a Buy It Now price which might attract a buyer looking to make a quick purchase.

Creating a single listing via the app isn’t too bad, but the listing process can be cumbersome if you have a lot of items to sell. eBay might not be the best option for selling a bulky item as shipping could be a hassle.

5. Craigslist

The text-based online classifieds site and online marketplace has been around forever. Everyone likes to make fun of the way their site looks, but it’s a solid selling choice whether you want to sell everyday common items, designer items, a vintage piece, or an expensive piece. All types of buyers flock to Craigslist.

The mobile app makes it easy to upload photos and create an ad. Communication with interested potential buyers through the app isn’t that great, but with their huge audience it might be worth your time if you want to sell your furniture locally.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is first and foremost a social media platform with millions of active users. But with Facebook Marketplace, you can sell the kinds of furniture items you’d have a hard time moving on some of the other apps, like baby items and everyday pieces you find at stores like Ikea or Pottery Barn. Of course, you can sell higher-end stuff or quality office furniture too.

The selling process for secondhand pieces is straightforward on the Facebook app. You can post an item for sale and have local buyers contact you within hours. If you use Facebook a lot, Facebook Marketplace could be a good option as you could reach out to your friends and sell your items quickly to someone you know.

7. 5Miles

If finding a nearby buyer is your top priority, have a look at 5miles. 5miles ensures that the people you’re selling to are local by using your phone’s GPS. Another cool feature of the app is video listing, which allows you to showcase your furniture pieces with video instead of photos.

The site vets buyers and sellers to make selling furniture to strangers safer and less stressful. There’s also a safe location tool that pinpoints an area where you can comfortably complete a transaction.

5miles might be a good fit if you live in a well-populated area and are looking for a neighborhood-centric selling app.

Other Places to Sell Used Furniture Online

We’ve looked at some of the best apps to sell furniture, but you have other options. Most of the apps above have websites you can use to sell your furniture if the phone app doesn’t work for you. Here are some additional sites for selling furniture online:

1. Everything But The House

Everything But The House is an online furniture marketplace and auction site with a loyal following. Getting started is easy. Just hit their seller page, answer a few questions, upload your photos, and they’ll be in touch.

The EBTH team will appraise your pieces, write a description for you, and auction the item through their website. Once your items sell, you’ll get your cut of the sale.

Their commission is based on the final selling price of the item. It varies from 20 percent for items over $1,000 to 50 percent for items selling between $60 and $150. It’s not worth selling anything worth less than $60 as their commission on low-priced items is akin to you donating the item.

2. Sotheby’s Home

You might know Sotheby’s as the world-famous auction house that handles auctions for fine art, jewels, and rare wines among other wildly expensive collectibles. What you might not know is the company also operates an online auction site where you can sell your furniture.

Sotheby’s Home is an online consignment shop that specializes in vintage items, big-ticket items, or authentic, high-quality items. Before you can post an item for sale, you’ll send photos and details about the item to the specialists at Sotheby’s. They’ll review your submission and then let you know within 7 business days if they can sell your piece for you.

3. Etsy

If you think Etsy is only for selling handmade gifts, wall art, and crafts, give the site another look. You don’t have to actually make furniture to sell furniture on Etsy. There is plenty of secondhand furniture for sale on Etsy.

Etsy is a good place to sell vintage furniture and handmade pieces. If your item is unique or reflects an unusual style of furniture, Etsy could be the right place to find a potential buyer.

Most users who buy things through Etsy are looking for unique items. If you have a piece that would appeal to a retro furniture enthusiast or a collector looking for one-of-a-kind items, try Etsy.

4. Poshmark

There’s more to Poshmark than designer clothes. It is primarily a marketplace for fashion and accessories, but the app is branching out of late as evidenced by its Home Goods marketplace.

The Home Goods bit is definitely not the app’s most well-known feature. I don’t think people think of it first when they’re looking for a good deal on a furniture purchase, but it’s there.

For now, the Home Goods section is mostly decor. If you take a look at the furniture page, you’ll see items at all different price points.

If you’re already selling on Poshmark, check it out. Poshmark has millions of users with money to spend, but the percentage of users looking to buy furniture is probably not very high. If you have a large following with a good rating already, however, you might list your items for sale and find someone to buy your furniture rather easily.

5. Kaiyo

Kaiyo is available in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. They might be for you if you want your furniture out of your house and out of your hair. They’ll come to pick up your items, sell them for you, then send you your payment.

You’re not in control of pricing as Kaiyo takes care of that along with everything else for you. You get between 10 and 60 percent of the sale price. The higher the final sale price, the lower their commission rate.

If their commission structure seems like a fair price to pay for a completely hands-off selling experience and get rid of unwanted items, a larger item or two, or a piece of furniture you just don’t want to deal with, Kaiyo is worth considering. You won’t be getting top dollar, but you will minimize your headaches.

Sell Furniture Locally Without an App or Website

You might not feel comfortable selling online. If that’s the case, you can sell your furniture face to face or drop it off somewhere local and have someone else sell it for you. Here are some ideas for selling furniture locally:

1. Have a Yard Sale

Selling your furniture at a yard sale is a viable option, but it’s hit or miss. You can increase your odds of selling your unwanted furniture by doing a good job of publicizing your yard sale in advance.

Drum up business by promoting your yard sale with signs in your area. Promote on Facebook with pictures and descriptions of the items you’re selling. Promote your garage sale online with classified ads on Craigslist,, and

Be prepared to haggle. Garage sale shoppers are usually looking for a bargain. Most will try to talk you down from your asking price before making any purchase.

If you’re not into bargaining, don’t put price tags out. Instead, ask anyone interested for their best offer. You can accept or decline without the haggling and you might even get a higher price than you would’ve set.

On the plus side, yard sales are cash and carry with items sold as-is. You don’t have to worry about a selling fee, payment options, or shipping. You might sell your used furniture without too much trouble.

If you don’t, you’re lugging your furniture back inside and then trying another option. It’s worth a shot if you live in a well-populated location and don’t mind negotiating or selling in person.

2. Sell via Local Antique Shops

If you have furniture items that are at least 20 years old and in good condition, consider a local antique shop.

Antique shops can sell the piece for you on consignment, where they take an agreed-upon commission on the sale. They might make you an offer on the spot if they think they can sell it quickly for a higher price than they’re offering you.

3. Sell Through Consignment Stores Near You

Most cities have consignment shops and many accept furniture. Some will even help you arrange for pickup and delivery to the store.

They price the item and then take a commission once they make the sale. Some shops have a markdown schedule, where they’ll cut the price if it doesn’t sell after a certain time.

Their cut is usually in the 40 to 60 percent range, which is high relative to other options. Then again, there’s less hassle for you so it might be worth it if maximizing the sale price isn’t your top priority.

Using Apps to Sell Furniture

Selling your furniture via an Android or iOS app is easy and convenient, but apps aren’t the only way to sell your furniture. Besides using apps to sell furniture, there are several websites, marketplaces, and local stores to choose from. How you end up selling your furniture depends on your needs.


Frequently asked questions related to selling used furniture.

Should I sell my furniture or move it?

You should sell your furniture if it’s old, has no sentimental value, and is easily replaced. Sell anything bulky or heavy if it would cost more to move it than it’s worth. You can sell your furniture and use the money to buy replacement items or help with the cost of the move.

How do you price used furniture?

When pricing used furniture, there are several factors to consider. Take into account the brand, age, condition, and original price of the item. A good rule of thumb to price used furniture is 20% to 50% of the original price. Check prices on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace for similar items.

Where can I sell high-end furniture?

You can sell high-end furniture online through Chairish or Sotheby’s Home. Both specialize in antiques and high-end furniture. eBay is another place to sell high-end furniture thanks to its large audience. If you would rather sell locally, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or OfferUp are options.

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