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Descenders brings its manic downhill freeriding to Android

Android Police logo Android Police 8/5/2022 Jon Gilbert
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Descenders, the procedurally generated downhill biking game, has come to Android. Delayed slightly thanks to Play Store issues, it's now available to download for everyone. The original game was released back in 2019 for Windows and Xbox One, and has steadily made its way to multiple platforms, picking up a slew of positive reviews from critics and users alike.

This mobile port is more or less identical to its console and PC versions, but thanks to some simple but effective touch-screen controls, the Android release is just as tactile and responsive without a controller or keyboard.

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Descenders procedurally generated tracks are a big draw, but there's plenty more going on with Descenders to make it worth a shot. Movement is affected by an in-depth physics' system, allowing you pull off tricks with quick swipes of your finger.

Descenders is built around a roguelike system, where you'll attempt to build up as many points as possible before the inevitable crash sends you back to the start. You’ll earn upgrades and abilities for your bike with each run, so you can customize your bike and character to suit your play style. You'll also earn Rep which serves a dual purpose as a currency to unlock new looks and as a way to display your ranking among other players.

Unfortunately, the game's performance seems to be suffering on mobile, as many users are complaining about poor graphics and stuttering frames. If you're planning on giving it a shot, keep this in mind if you're using an older Android device — you can always still make use of Google Play's return policy if the game doesn't work well for you. Otherwise, you'd spend $10 in vain. Controller support also seems to be patchy, so you might want to stick to the excellent touch controls for now. Time will tell if this game ends up being optimized better for mobile, and if it will manage to become one of the best games available on Android.

Price: 9.99

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