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Free-To-Play Football Simulation Maximum Football To Launch In Early Access This Spring

DualShockers logo DualShockers 2/7/2023 Mohamed Hassan

Developer Modus Studios Invictus has unveiled Maximum Football, a free-to-play football simulation game that will be available in early access on PC (Steam) this spring, followed by a full release on multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC at a later date.

Maximum Football's unique selling point is the realism and physics offered by Unreal Engine 5. The goal of Maximum Football is to provide gameplay that's authentic to the real-world sport. The game offers players the chance to play college football or compete with the pros in diverse and dynamic stadiums, as well as the freedom to customize teams, choose jerseys and equipment, and build legacies.

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The football simulator is set to go free-to-play, and will adopt an early-access model before its official release, which is a change from previous iterations of the game. What we know about Dynasty Mode, the game's management/coaching mode, still stands. In this mode, players take on the role of a manager or coach and will have access to recruiting battles, an extensive scouting system, and the ability to offer scholarships to top recruits.

The excitement continues in the Pro Season mode, where players can challenge 31 professional teams in their quest for the championship. Whether playing solo or with friends in local co-op, the game offers endless opportunities for fun. The experience will be further enhanced with regular downloadable content updates that will add new features, rule sets, modes, and customization options, thanks to the free-to-play online model.

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David Micah Brown, the Development Director of Maximum Football, shared further details on what players can expect from the new game. According to Brown, the focus will be on responsiveness and eliminating any interference with player control through the use of short animations. The customization options are also a key selling point, allowing players to use almost any image as a team logo, make unlimited edits, and share their creations online.

Maximum Football also offers extensive options for players' strategies, allowing you to create your own playbooks and make additions or changes rosters at will, and a future update will add a custom play option as well. As for monetization, Brown did not disclose the full revenue plan, but stated that the company will offer premium goods and licensed equipment for purchase to enhance customization options.

According to Brown, Maximum Football will not discriminate between paid and free players and the focus will not be on having the best-licensed team. Players will even be able to create a team made up of presidents or scientists if they wish, which will be an advantage over other licensed games that limit you to certain play styles and tackles due to licensing restrictions.

The developers have also promised accessibility features on par with other modern games on the market. However, play-by-play commentary will not be available at launch, and the Canadian ruleset will also be missing, as the team's goal is to introduce these features at a level that is satisfactory to players in the future.

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