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Netflix releases new details on cutting down on account sharing leaving subscribers more angry than ever

We Got This Covered 1/31/2023 Erielle Sudario
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Netflix is preparing to end password-sharing for good, affecting millions of users globally. In preparation for this massive shift in how users can share their accounts, the streaming giant updated its support page with more details on how this will play out. And as expected, not everyone is happy that Netflix is pushing forward with this decision.

The Netflix Help Center page has added information when it comes to sharing accounts. Essentially, only people who live in a single household can access the user’s Netflix account. If another household is detected, users will have to verify that the other device can use the account, and may need to verify again at a later date. Verification does not apply if you’re traveling, unless you’re gone for an extended period of time.

The number of users able to access a singular Netflix account is based on the user’s subscription plan. Unfortunately, the page doesn’t have information about adding households to a Netflix account, something that was being tested in South American countries in 2022.

This change has caused a bit of outrage from current Netflix users. Over Reddit on r/Netflix, one of the main concerns voiced by annoyed streaming fans is that the new policy will negatively affect those who travel constantly for work, like truck drivers and aviation workers. It’s like Netflix forgot that traveling isn’t always a lifestyle, but a necessity.

One Reddit user who claimed that they’re a flight attendant shared that this change will make things confusing for them and their partner when using the streaming service in the future. Another who says their partner works as a traveling musician, believes that this change is “a stupid idea” and will alienate “a significant portion” of Netflix users. Even parents who have unemployed college kids are concerned about how would work out, and are considering canceling their subscriptions.

Many critics believe that this change will not go down as Netflix intended. It’s going to be a hassle for those who move around constantly and have family outside of home. It’s currently unknown when this change will begin. But one thing’s for sure, the era of password-sharing is drawing to a close.

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