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PureVPN's Black Friday deal takes 89% off a digital security and privacy subscription plan

Android Police 11/25/2022 Barry Henderson
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PureVPN have kicked off its Black Friday campaign in spectacular fashion with unbeatable deals offering the lowest-ever prices for its highly impressive VPN. For just $1.24 per month, you can enjoy all the fantastic benefits of this critically acclaimed VPN. What makes these deals so irresistible is that if you sign up during the limited discount period, you will enjoy all the privacy and security of top-notch VPN services for 5 whole years at this unbeatably low price.

To mark its 15th year anniversary, PureVPN has had a makeover on the visual front to coincide with some great new security features, so as well as enjoying internet freedom, you can also beef up your online password safety. Its newly updated security features include:

  • PureKeep: A new premium password manager that lets you create secure and encrypted folders called vaults where you are able to add any private or sensitive information. PureKeep makes it easy to add or remove trusted devices.
  • PurePrivacy: Adjust your social media settings to your preferences or, with one simple tap, let PurePrivacy activate the best settings for you. This enables you to make useful adjustments like stopping ads from tracking you.
  • PureEncrypt: Secure any sensitive files; lock entire directories and folders by putting them behind automatically generated passwords in encrypted vaults.

Aside from security, PureVPN is a trusted service that protects your online privacy. PureVPN has over 3 million users across 78 countries worldwide, with access to over 6,500 servers. It is no-log certified by one of the world’s top audit firms, KPMG. This means that PureVPN does not log any information that is transmitted through the network. So nobody knows where you are or what you are doing online. In these days of high surveillance, this kind of anonymity is becoming sacred for many people.

PureVPN is also one of the few VPNs that uses an ‘always-on’ system. This means that it allows users to secure an automatic VPN connection when any type of internet activity is performed, so you never transfer any information through your public IP.

PureVPN easily connects to your favorite streaming services, like Netflix or Disney+ wherever you are in the world without giving up your location or leaving any kind of digital footprint. With its multi-log-in feature, users can be logged into 10 devices at once. Plus, add in its super fast 20Gpbs connection, and ISP throttling prevention and your gaming or binge session doesn’t have to suffer.

What are you waiting for? Lock in PureVPN’s massively discounted prices today!

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