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Where to find Variks the Loyal in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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Every planet in Destiny 2 has someone you report to when you need to obtain bonuses for the region or turn in missions. In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Europa is the planet added to this expansion, and like the other worlds, there’s a particular person you want to speak to obtain new missions and bounties for rewards. For Europa, you want to find Variks the Loyal.

Where to find Variks the Loyal on Europa

Variks the Loyal is not too far from where you first load into the planet. You want to first go to the Charon’s Crossing landing point. When you load in, all you have to do is go to the building straight ahead of you and dip inside. Variks the Loyal will be on the left.

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If you need to complete Europa content or want to obtain new resources that you can use that come from Europa, speak to Variks the Loyal. Make sure to keep his location in mind whenever you visit Europa to complete daily missions that you can use to increase your experience. You may need to visit Variks the Loyal for future missions that have yet to release following the launch of Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion.

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