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Man Opens Up Washing Machine and Finds Over $100 Stuck Under the Washer Agitator

Dengarden 2/2/2023 Kourtney Borman
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Now, real talk here. How many times have you really dived deep into your washing machine or dryer to make sure that it is truly clean? And I’m not just talking about digging around the drum to make sure there are no lingering coins, but also draining the lines and making sure the hoses are clean of lint and such!

Well, this may just be your sign to do all that, as you may be like TikTok creator Dre Booker and find something quite surprising hiding inside!


Click here to watch the video.

So, what was the surprising thing that Dre just so happened to find in his washer? Well, it just so happened to be a one-hundred-dollar bill, hanging out right there under the agitator! Yes, I was just as surprised!

Apparently, someone had once had a hundred-dollar bill stuck in a back pocket or maybe just tucked into a shirt somewhere and they hadn’t thought twice before tossing their clothes into the washer. Now, I’m not sure about you, but I almost always check my pockets and I’d definitely be missing a hundred-dollar bill, but somehow or another, the washer never got checked.

So, when Dre went in and ran his hand down around the agitator to clean it, he was surprised with a bonus. I guess that is my sign to go ahead and start checking every washer and dryer that I come across, just in case I manage to snag more than just a few dimes, quarters, toy soldiers, or whatever else it is that I usually find!

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