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These Credit Cards Are Giving 5% Cash Back at Amazon, Walmart and PayPal for the Holidays logo 9/15/2020 Jason Steele
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Do you have a credit card that offers you 5% cash back on select purchases that change every quarter? If so, you’re not alone. Cards with rotating bonus categories are very popular, as they offer cardholders more cash back for making some of their favorite purchases.

The fourth quarter (October, November and December) is right around the corner, and one of the most popular reward credit cards just announced its Q4 bonus categories — which feature merchants where you’re highly likely to make some purchases.

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Chase Freedom: 5% Cash Back at Walmart and PayPal

Chase just announced that its Q4 bonus categories for the Chase Freedom and new Freedom Flex cards will be purchases from PayPal and Walmart. I had a chance to speak with B.J. Mahoney, General Manager of Chase Freedom, who indicated that the new bonus offer “gives customers lots of choices.” While Walmart is the largest retailer in the U.S., PayPal is a preferred method of payment for countless small businesses that sell online. Furthermore, Walmart purchases made in-store and at will both be eligible for 5% cash back.

As always, cardholders will earn 5% cash back on their first $1,500 spent on eligible purchases during the quarter, which in this case includes Black Friday and the rest of the big holiday shopping period. To receive this bonus cash back, you’ll have to activate the bonus categories, which you can do online as of September 15. Thankfully, all of your eligible purchases made during Q4 will earn the bonus, even if you activated your bonus after the purchase. Best of all, the Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex cards have no annual fees.

Discover it

The Discover it card also offers 5% cash back on your first $1,500 spent in eligible purchases during the quarter. For Q4 of 2020, eligible purchases include those made from, and As with the Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex, you’ll need to activate the bonus categories at some point during the quarter in order to receive the bonus cash back. There’s no annual fee for this card.

ABOC Platinum Mastercard

This lesser-known card from Amalgamated Bank of Chicago (ABOC) offers 5x bonus points on your first $1,500 spent on eligible purchases during the quarter. For Q4 of 2020, department store purchases are eligible for the additional 4x points. This includes qualifying department and electronics stores, superstores,, and other major online retailers. As is customary, you must enroll your card each quarter in order to receive the bonus, and there’s no annual fee for this card.

Bottom line

It’s great to earn a huge bonus for making certain purchases, especially during the holiday shopping season. By taking a look at the offers from these three leading card issuers, you’ll find the one that makes the most sense for you.

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