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People Go Inside 96-Year-Old Woman's Home To Find It Untouched After 72 Years logo 8/9/2022 Barbara Diamond

In 2014, a 96-year-old Toronto resident was selling her two-story home located in the West Toronto neighborhood of Bloor West Village.

From the outside, the house didn't look like anything out of the ordinary, and even her neighbors had no idea about the surprise she'd been keeping inside.

The home was intricately and gorgeously decorated in perfect style, drawing from the best of the 1950s and '60s from floor to ceiling. We're talking metallic wallpaper, modern baroque prints, colorful carpeting, and neo-ornate splendor, and much, much more.

The homeowner was a 96-year-old seamstress who had always been passionate interior design but unable to make it her profession. Despite her age, she and her family lovingly maintained the home's classic beauty and eccentricities for 72 years.

The interior remained in absolutely pristine condition... a large brick building with grass in front of a house © Provided by

From the outside, this 96-year-old woman's home in Toronto looks pretty darn ordinary.

Just a two-story home made of brick and rocks.  Absolutely nothing special, right?

But just you wait...

a living room filled with furniture and a bed © Provided by

The elderly homeowner was once a seamstress and knitter by trade.

But at 96 years old, she's finally got the recognition she deserves as an interior designer, though she never had any formal training.

a bedroom with a bed and a mirror © Provided by

All the way from floor to ceiling, this two-story detached home is decorated in perfect retro 1960s style.

Just look at that floral wallpaper!

a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace © Provided by

The homeowner said, "I like soft colors, and I like things to match and flow well together. I prefer tone-on-tone to bright colors."

This is definitely apparent in her use of warm and cool pastel hues paired with pastel prints and textures.

a view of a kitchen © Provided by

It's easy to see her favorite colors to use in her home's interior are pink, purple, sea-foam, and aqua.

Additionally, the kitchen boasts amazingly quirky light fixtures and custom cabinet hardware.

Imagine cooking your heart out in a kitchen like that?

a pink tub and shower curtain © Provided by

And who doesn't love a breakfast nook?

These quaint little dining areas date all the way back to the days of The Brady Bunch and are perfect for your cozy morning coffee.

a bedroom with a large window © Provided by

The master bedroom features bright, bold gemstone purple, lilac walls, purple carpeting, and a fuchsia settee. Obviously, fit for someone who would prefer to live like a royal.

a bedroom with a large window © Provided by Look at those beautiful built-ins, the copper and gold mirror, and the bold emerald velour on that chair in the corner.

Everywhere you turn is an exciting touch of texture and color!

a bedroom filled with pink flowers on a table © Provided by

The homeowner's daughter remembers how her mother's style wasn't complete without the color pink.

Naturally, this warm living space was her favorite room in the house!

a shower curtain © Provided by

The family bathroom also has touches of pink, but with matte gold accents as well as beige walls.

a bedroom with a bed in a room © Provided by This is the style maven's sewing studio, where she showcases her love for purple and orange.

Some may say this color combination is loud but we think it's gutsy!

a kitchen with a dining table © Provided by

No retro home would be complete without a fabulous, spacious wood-paneled basement.

It keeps that vintage look, but also has a genuine playroom feel.

a room with a sink and a mirror © Provided by

The basement bathroom features a sweet lilac sink, with a function-forward accordion shower stall door.

We think the vertical striped wallpaper is also a fantastic touch.

a stainless steel refrigerator in a kitchen © Provided by

A fully-equipped basement laundry suite, too? This home has seriously got it all. If you like to whip up a snack while you do laundry, you're good to go because the fridge is in the very same room!

a large lawn in front of a house © Provided by

Outside, there's a wonderful outdoor space, complete with Astroturf and swan planter. Plenty of room for lawn games, backyard barbeques, and gardening. Can't you just picture a jug of sweet tea on a sweet little metal table?

a house covered in snow © Provided by

There's more than enough room for a whole family to enjoy the outdoors, with a sweet little garden shed painted in a soft mint shade. Wonder if the interior of that shed is just as well-appointed?

an old brick building © Provided by No one on the street ever talked about the home, or knew what it looked like inside.

But now everyone is well aware of incredible design, and its 96-year-old decorator and keeper.


You might be surprised at how many time capsule homes exist in various neighborhoods all around the world but this has to be one of the best gems in the country.

Midcentury finds seem to be the most prevalent, with people dedicated to maintaining the homey allure of the 1950s, but we've seen great examples of 60s, 70s and even 80s decor as well!

We can see how shows like Mad Men have inspired people to preserve and maintain their signature 50s style pieces and now current furniture and interior designers are designing pieces that harken back to those stylish days.

The '50s, '60s, and '70s style homes all share the use of bright colors, which differs greatly from the neutrals many people tend towards today. We have to say we love the excitement!

Some people might see these homes on the market and think they hold the opportunity for major renovations.

The further back in time that the time capsule house is from, the more likely it is to charm and intrigue people into preserving it, or major elements of it.

There are many people who look at these photos and wish they could take their homes back to a simpler time, especially now that nostalgia reigns supreme in pop culture fads.

In fact, the current trendiness of nostalgia has some real estate agents advising sellers not to update their houses or show them empty. They have their own kind of appeal to some buyers.

You never know if one of these beautiful homes that are frozen in time can be found on a block in your neighborhood.

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