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This Is What Locals In Tontitown Arkansas Really Think Of The Duggar Family

TheThings 3/25/2023 Lane Vasquez

As long as the Duggar family has been in the media, people have been fascinated with their lives. One of the things that's so interesting about the mega-sized family is where they live. The Duggars have an enormous house (which they built on a very strict budget) and a ton of land, but during their reality TV run, it seemed like they lived in the middle of nowhere.

At the same time, the Duggars often interacted with people in their community, traveled, and worked on taking care of rental properties that they owned. But for locals who reside in the same town as the Duggars, the family hasn't really changed things, despite reality TV fame. Here's what people in Tontitown, Arkansas seem to think of the Duggars.

Most Of The Duggar Family Lives In Tontitown, Arkansas

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar © Provided by TheThings Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Many of the Duggar kids have grown up, gotten married, and moved out of the family home. Many have even moved across the country (like Jinger Vuolo to Los Angeles), though some remained in Arkansas.

Jill Dillard and her husband moved to Oklahoma in early 2022. They previously lived in Arkansas until Derick got a job offer in OK. Jessa and Ben Seewald originally created their home not far from Jim Bob and Michelle but started remodeling a fixer-upper a bit farther away (in Springdale) in 2022.

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And none of the rest of the Duggars seem to have moved far; Joseph and his wife are said to live in a house on the family 'compound,' Josiah and his wife also live somewhere in Arkansas, Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth stayed in Arkansas, and Jedidiah and his wife are said to live in AR, too.

Justin Duggar, however, moved to Texas with his wife, where her family lives.

The Duggars who still live at home, whether solo or with their spouses, live in Tontitown, Arkansas.

How Many Acres Does Jim Bob Duggar Own?

With multiple adult kids still living at home—and apparently in separate buildings from the rest of the family—Jim Bob Duggar must own plenty of property. Though the family's 20 children originally lived in two separate dormitory-like rooms in their giant house, the kids who have gotten married apparently live separately.

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It's long been said that Josh Duggar's wife Anna and their children live on Jim Bob's property, likely to save money since Anna isn't working while raising her and Josh's kids (while he's in prison).

According to The Sun, Jim Bob and Michelle own around 97 acres of land in Tontitown—more than enough space for a handful of homes.

In addition to the Duggars' main house, the land also includes the "warehouse" where Anna is said to live plus a log cabin where Joseph and Kendra live.

The Duggars do have neighbors, and they sold off a few-acre parcel to a neighbor at one point, but it seems that the relationships are friendly enough.

Michelle And Jim Bob Own Multiple Properties In Arkansas

The nearly 100 acres in Tontitown aren't the only property listings in Jim Bob and Michelle's names. Viewers of the show might remember that early on in their TLC days, the Duggars often maintained rental properties, with the kids helping clean up in between tenants.

Michelle and Jim Bob also made headlines for flipping a "mansion" they purchased and fixed up at one point; Jim Bob's net worth is fairly high due to his real estate dealings, in addition to reality TV earnings.

What Do Arkansas Locals In Tontitown Think Of The Duggar Family?

Duggar family in 2007 in front of their house in Tontitown AR © Provided by TheThings Duggar family in 2007 in front of their house in Tontitown AR

On the Duggars' TV show, it seemed like they lived in the middle of nowhere on their private compound. It turns out that's sort of true. Tontitown is a small town in northern Arkansas with a population of just under 6,000 people as of 2021.

But in a discussion on Reddit, fans of the Duggars thought that 19 Kids and Counting was misleading in how it represented the Duggars' small-town lifestyle. One fan pointed out that Michelle was always lamenting city life and saying how great it was to live rurally, and another clarified that Tontitown is really "fake rural."

Their explanation included the fact that Tontitown is home to tons of vineyards, which help connect it to the much larger Springdale in terms of tourism and availability of amenities (Springdale is about a six-mile drive from Tontitown).

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The same commenter noted that as a local, the Duggars' fame was "mildly annoying," and revealed that "it was well known that Josh was creepy before the details came out."

In terms of rural living, the commenter suggested that there were about "15 restaurants" that the Duggars could DoorDash to their home if they wanted, and that there are plenty of big-box stores to the point where shopping is more or less anonymous.

Another commenter explained that the two nearby towns to Tontitown are the third and fourth largest cities in the state, so the Duggars aren't truly living somewhere "rural." That commenter theorized "Maybe people come up to them while they’re out and about, but it’s equally plausible that they’re rarely approached while in public."

Other commenters simply stated that the Duggars are "not liked," and that most of them walk around looking "snooty." That seems like it would help keep fan followings to a minimum!

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