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What Investors Should Look at in Bank Earnings Reports

It was a big morning for the financial sector. Before the opening bell we got earnings from JPMorgan , Citi , Goldman Sachs , and Wells Fargo . Jeff Marks Senior Portfolio Analyst for ActionAlertsPLUS broke down what investors should focus in the reports: "I think what you want to look at is you want, anything about the consumer, right? And you're going to hear a lot of that through the comments from Jamie Dimon. On the conference call he spoke to the health of the, both the United States economy and the global economy and sort of what are the drivers and leavers and what's kind of going on there with tensions. Just the general economic backdrop. So if there is a conference call to listen to and read during earning season, I highly suggest the JP Morgan call because Dimon does a great job of breaking it down for you. And, and from what I can tell is that the consumer is doing quite well, based off the JP Morgan results." Marks also gave his view on which bank reported the best earnings. Watch the video to find out. Bull Market Fantasy: LIVE TUESDAY & THURSDAY @10:45AM Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more videos : Listen our latest Podcasts on Soundcloud Catch Up: Today's Top News Videos Below



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