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Why Jim Cramer Is Worried About Big Tech Heading to Capitol Hill

Curious about Big Tech? Jim Cramer weighed in on Facebook , Amazon , and Alphabet --which are all heading to Capitol Hill. Cramer wrote in his Real Money column, "When Big Tech goes to Washington, you have to worry about what's headline risk and what's EPS risk -- and the gulf between the two is huge." He added, "...Regulated businesses tend not to make as much money as non-regulated businesses." Here's what Cramer thinks: "Maybe there needs to be an internet commission. Now I have not said that yet. It's something I'm developing. I don't want to necessarily go out with it, but that's where we're going. There'll be an internet commission and once you have an internet commission, there will be the kind of regulation people want. But the reason why you had the international railroad commission was that they were fixing prices and they were doing things that were considered to be a way out of school. They were way too powerful," said Cramer.



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