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Razer mouse guide: wired or wireless, these are the best Razer mice you can get right now

GamesRadar logo GamesRadar 7/17/2020 Rob Dwiar
a screenshot of a video game: Razer mouse guide: wired or wireless, these are the best Razer mice you can get right now © Provided by GamesRadar Razer mouse guide: wired or wireless, these are the best Razer mice you can get right now

Fancy a Razer mouse, do you? if you're into gaming at all - and arguably even if you're not - then one of the best Razer mice will serve you incredibly well. If you're hunting down a contender for the best gaming mouse or best wireless gaming mouse, it's a cert that one from Razer is going to be near the top. 

Because there are Razer mice for almost every occasion, game style, and play method (and the selection may feel overwhelming), we're here to help you find the perfect Razer mouse for you. Each has its own advantages and characteristics, and thanks to the new budget Essential range, you don't have to spend a fortune either. Wireless, wired, simple layouts, or mega programmable buttons: you name it, Razer has it in rodent form.

You know you're getting top-quality, too. The company made its reputation initially on audio with their range of Razer headsets, and the gaming tech behemoth has quality in a vast range of departments including Razer controllers, Razer laptops, and Razer streaming gear. Seriously, you should check them out.

However, you're here for a Razer mouse in the here and now, and that's what we can tell you about below. Let's get to it.

Razer DeathAdder V2

The best Razer mouse

DPI: 20,000 | Sensor: Optical | Interface: USB | Buttons: 8 | Shape: Right-handed | Weight: 2.9oz (82g) | Battery: N/A

Accurate, reliable sensor
Perfectly shaped and designed for various grips
Supremely comfortable

The Razer DeathAdder V2 improves on the classic DeathAdder in a whole host of ways - an incredible job considering how good, high-performing, and popular the first one was (it sold 10 million units). 

Starting at the top, it's among the best-shaped mice available; perfect for any grip-style, from claw to palm. It's also phenomenally precise. The V2 features a 20,000 DPI sensor that's far ahead of any competing rodents, and it's also accompanied by a 650 IPS ('inches per second') rating as well, which means it's blisteringly fast but also incredibly accurate and responsive. 

It hasn't got a large handful of extra buttons like other, more expensive competitors, but the presence of two extra thumb buttons is welcome, and their design means they are well placed enough to be out of 'accidental press' range. They sit above understated but effective grips, too, underlining what makes this the best gaming mouse - the DeathAdder V2 is more interested in peak performance than overblown extras.

As a tidbit for us lefties out there, there was a left-handed version of the DeathAdder V1 available at some point. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued but we hope that there may be a lefty version in the future.

Razer Mamba

The best mid-range wireless gaming mouse

DPI: 16,000 | Sensor: Advanced Optical | Interface: Wireless/USB | Buttons: 7 | Shape: Right-handed | Weight: 3.4oz (96g) | Battery: 50+ hours (rechargeable)

Almost no lag or latency
Accurate scrollwheel

The Mamba is probably one of the best wireless gaming mice you can get right now. Its headline feature - and what makes it incredibly attractive for a wireless rodent - is its Adaptive Frequency Technology. This means that there is basically no lag or latency. Magic! That also means it's somehow as accurate as a wired mouse, which is no mean feat. 

Elsewhere, a 5G 16,000 DPI sensor with a "resolution accuracy of 99.4%" provides whip-crack speed, perfect for shooters. Really comfortable ridged sides and a 50-hour battery life add to the Mamba's aesthetic and ergonomic appeal, too. Sprinkle in seven programmable buttons in on top of this and you are laughing. It's also got one of the best scrollwheels we've ever used. 

If you want a tether-free setup and a Razer mouse to boot, then this is it.

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Razer Viper

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The best gaming mouse for shooters

DPI: 16,000 | Sensor: Optical | Interface: USB | Buttons: 8 | Shape: Ambidextrous | Weight: 2.6oz (69g) | Battery: N/A

Very fast click
Exceptionally light
Ambidextrous design

The Razer Viper was built with the help of eSports players, and that influence is profound and unmissable. However, it also impacts on the quality of the mouse to the point that it'll appeal to players beyond eSports games. 

The clearest demonstrable way that this competitive edge manifests is in the mouse's speed. It has loads of responsiveness and speed across the mat. Meanwhile, it also manages to be comfortable with an ergonomic, ambidextrous design that's a winner for everyone. This is reinforced by the Viper being exceptionally lightweight - at just 69g, you can fling it wildly across your pad effortlessly. 

The real star of the show would have to be the brand-new Optical Switches, though. They allow for a click and action so quick it's basically instant. It's witchcraft. A majority of gaming mice use metal contacts to register clicks, but the Viper utilises a much faster infrared light beam that shoots an electrical signal to your PC. This means you can react much faster with the Viper than normal, and that'll give you an edge in multiplayer shooters.

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Razer Naga Trinity

The best gaming mouse for those who want it all

DPI: 16,000 | Sensor: Optical | Interface: USB | Buttons: 19 + 14 + 9 | Shape: RIght-handed | Weight: 4.2oz (118g) | Battery: N/A

Buttons for days
Good click action

If you're a player of MMOs or MOBAs, it can sometimes be hard to find a mouse that offers excellence in those realms but also provides a solid pointer for other games (or work and home use). Enter the Naga Trinity, an awesome multifaceted Razer mouse. 

Besides a high-resolution optical sensor and comfortable shape, you can swap out a side panel for specialized button arrangements, letting you have incredibly flexibility and adaptability in your mouse. So, without changing mice completely, you can have all your setups to hand, no matter what you play. 

On its very own this would make the Razer Naga Trinity worth considering, but given the quality of each individual panel and what it offers, this is a no brainer for one of the best Razer mice going - and one of the most flexible gaming mice in the entire market.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

The best fast wireless gaming mouse

DPI: 20,000 | Sensor: Focus+ | Interface: Wireless/USB | Shape: Right Handed | Buttons: 11 | Weight: 3.77oz (107g) | Battery: 100 hours

20,000 DPI
Multi-function paddle
Charging dock

The Basilisk Ultimate is a great mouse, even if it is one of the most expensive from Razer. However, its features and qualities do go a long way to justifying that price tag. 

First off, we have to bear in mind that this is a wireless gaming mouse and its features will become even more impressive as a result. For example, its speedy 20,000 DPI sensor is ridiculous and allows for absurdly fast responses. This is then supported by its Hyperspeed wireless tech that lets you "switch seamlessly between frequencies to maintain peak stability". Throw in a nifty charging dock and 100 hours of battery life and there's a really attractive package forming here.

The Basilisk Ultimate also enables you to alter the scroll wheel resistance, allowing for personalization and customization. Combine this with 11 programmable buttons - including a multi-function paddle - and there is great scope for flexibility and adaptability too. A great, premium wireless mouse.

Razer Viper Ultimate

The best gaming mouse for twitch reflexes

DPI: 20,000 | Sensor: Optical | Shape: Ambidextrous | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 5 | Weight: 2.6oz (74g)

Lightweight and fast
Accurate and responsive
Long lasting battery
Fewer customization options

Featherlight and lightning quick, the Razer Viper Ultimate has been moulded exactly to the hands of esports players and those who rely on twitch reflexes. With a slimline stature and effortless, yet controlled and stunningly accurate, clicks this is a mouse designed to fit a fingertip grip best, but if you prefer a palm hold you'll still feel at home here. 

That lightning fast speed is apparent right from the get-go but you're not sacrificing precision here. Thanks to a super low latency wireless connection and that almost immediate click, you'll still be in control no matter how quickly you're flitting across the screen. 

You're getting five programmable macro buttons overall - two placed either side to be within thumb reach whichever hand you're using and one in the clickable scroll wheel. That's a little short considering the amount your paying for this premium gaming mouse, so if you're one for intricate keybinding you might be making a sacrifice in favor of performance here.

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