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Here’s the Cheapest Ticket in Space Tourism

World View is hoping to make stratospheric travel feasible for the masses. The “New Space Race” offers staggering potential for investors. From mining for valuable resources to satellites that help us mere earthlings in matters of climate change, maritime operations, communications, energy, even world hunger -- we can see why companies are investing billions into this exciting new frontier. But it’s space tourism that’s grabbing most of the headlines these days, thanks to the battling billionaires. SpaceX’s Elon Musk, Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos, and Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson offer experiences that vary sharply in duration and altitude. But the costs -- reportedly from about $450,000 for a 90-minute ride on Virgin Galactic’s spaceplane to $55 million for a three-day orbit in a SpaceX capsule -- are well beyond the reach of, well, you and me. But if $50,000 seems doable (financing available), you could consider World View’s solution: A 6-to-12-hour journey in a pressurized capsule lifted to the edge of space by a giant balloon. The first launches are planned for 2024 from a variety of “spaceports” around the globe. The South by Southwest conference in Austin, Tex., for the first time featured an entire track devoted to space technology, including “Democratizing Access to Commercial Space Travel.” While there, I spoke with World View CEO Ryan Hartman inside his company’s replica space capsule. In the video below Ryan talks about World View’s vision of bringing a life-changing experience to the masses, as well as other companies in the New Space Race that might be worth a look from investors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe to The Motley Fool's YouTube Channel: Join The Motley Fool Community On: Instagram ► Facebook ► TikTok ► Twitter ► #SpaceTravel #WorldView #TheMotleyFool
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