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4 Biggest Regulatory Risks to Big Tech

Big Tech is bigger than ever. Is it time to rein it in? More and more lawmakers say yes -- but the question is, how? Here are the four biggest regulatory risks to big tech. Data privacy is one. In the U.S., a national privacy law is only a matter of time. States are passing their own laws, and big tech is lobbying for a national law so they don't have to comply with a patchwork of state laws. Antitrust investigations are also in the works, which will look at whether the size and market power of Amazon , Alphabet , Apple and the rest are anti-competitive and potentially hurting consumers. Taxes are another. In Europe, France, the UK and other member states are planning to pass so-called "digital taxes" targeting big tech firms that do business in their countries, but pay relatively little in taxes. Finally, content moderation is rankling politicians on both sides of the aisle. Some are saying that platforms, like Facebook or Youtube, should do more to stop false harmful or offensive content -- it's bad for society. Related. Salesforce CEO Calls for Government Crackdown on Tech Titans Technically Speaking Podcast: Top Regulatory Risks Faced by the FAANG Stocks

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