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Cruel Camera - Animals in Movies | Full documentary

*Uploaded for educational purposes* "On May 5, 1982, the investigative series broadcast a landmark story titled "Cruel Camera." In this piece, reporter Bob McKeown unleashed some devastating truths about the mistreatment and outright cruelty animals suffered while "working" in showbiz. You may be familiar with a few notorious examples from the early-to-mid 20th century: the nearly 100 horses that were killed during the climactic chariot race in Ben-Hur; the horse that perished after a stuntman rode it over a 70-foot cliff in Jesse James; the lion that was stabbed to death in Tarzan, etc. For years, animals were treated with cavalier disregard for the most frivolous and revolting reason: our amusement. As McKeown now discovers - 25 years after his original report - Hollywood is still no place for inhabitants of the natural world. " --- TV Series: "The Fifth Estate" (1981) Original Air Date: 5 May 1982 Genre: Documentary | News --- Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection "Key" Center "Key" is a non-profit, non-govermental, all-volunteer based animal rescue center located near Zagreb in Croatia. We focus on active protection of animals and the environment, as well as education and research on animal behaviour and practical ways we can help animals in our everyday life. Follow us on social media for daily updates: ---
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