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How Did Intel Get Its Name? Hint: Two Words Blend to Create It

1968 Intel Corporation was founded by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce & Gordon Moore (of Moore's law), with the leadership and vision of Andrew Grove. Moore's Law: States simply that processor speeds, or overall processing power for computers will double every two years. -Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel in 1965 Co-founder Robert Noyce was a key inventor of the integrated circuit. (Microchip) The company's name was conceived as portmanteau of the words "integrated" and "Electronics." 1971 Intel creates the worlds first commercial microprocessor chip, yet it is not until the success of the PC that this became its primary business. 1990's Intel invested heavily in new microprocessor designs fostering the rapid growth of the computer industry. 2005 CEO Paul Otellini reorganized the company to refocus its core processor and chipset business on platforms. (enterprise, digital home, digital health, and mobility) Intel Inside, Intel's 1991 marketing campaign, th idea of "ingredient branding," has become synonymous with Intel itself. Intel is on of the biggest stakeholders in the self-driving car industry, having joined the race mid 2017 after joining forces with Mobileye. Intel's silicon chips are mad in cleanrooms that are 3 times the size of a football stadium and 1000 times cleaner than a hospital. Technicians must wear a 'bunny suit' to enter a cleanroom. this keeps contaminants such as human hair off product. This video was originally published by TheStreet.

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