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Nvidia Is Building the Future. How Did It Get There?

Nvidia , the technology giant, reports Q3 earnings after the bell today. The company founded in 1993 by Christopher Malachowsky, Curtis Priem, and Jensen Huang, who remains the CEO to this day, is known for their GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) inside video game systems, such as the Nintendo Switch, and computer chips used in the technology for autonomous vehicles and super computers. Chances are if it's a cool new product for the future it has a Nvidia or their main competitor, AMD product in it. They are currently focused on becoming a leader in Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. No wonder it's the sixth most popular company among millennial investors. Check out what Real Money's Stephen Guilfoyle expects from the Q3 report and how you should play it. Watch More Videos From TheStreet's Behind the Label Series: How Did Intel Get Its Name? Hint: Two Words Blend to Create It Chinese Electric Car Company: NIO From a Dorm to Silicon Valley: A History of Facebook They Were Fired, Then a Billionaire Investor Helped Them Build Home Depot History With a Side of Fries? Inside McDonald's Storied Past This video was originally published by TheStreet.
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