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Want To Buy Samsung's Foldable Phone? Be Ready To Spend $1980

Samsung just announced the first foldable phone you can buy and it will cost $1,980 Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold during a press event in San Francisco. The Galaxy Fold is the first phone that consumers will be able to buy with a folding display. You will be able to use it like a tablet or in a smaller form factor like a phone. Samsung announced the first consumer-ready foldable smartphone Wednesday at a launch event in San Francisco. The new phone, called the Galaxy Fold, has a special display that can fold open if you want to use it like a tablet. The new device will launch at a time when consumers are looking for innovative new features in smartphones to justify increased prices in the $1,000 range. Samsung said that, when closed, the phone can easily fit in your hand like a traditional phone. But it also opens up into a large tablet for when you want to watch movies. You can also switch between screens on the fly. Samsung said that means, if you get an alert on the front screen, you can open into tablet mode and see the notification automatically in the app. This video was originally published by TheStreet.

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