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Jude Law Once Cheated On Sienna Miller And Turned Her Career Upside Down. Does She Still Resent Him Now?

TheThings 4/17/2022 Kathryn Morris
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Sienna Miller’s acting breakthrough came in 2004 as she starred alongside ex-fiancé Jude Law in the movie Alfie, but her co-star and fiancé, the man she should have been able to rely on, would be the man to turn her career upside down, by doing something that Sienna Miller now says she has little recollection of.

What happened is something that’s difficult for both Sienna and Jude to relive, and they have both moved on with their lives since their relationship broke up back in 2005.

But despite the split and the scandal that followed being old news, it's still something that follows Sienna Miller and often crops up when talking about the actress.

Why Did Sienna Miller Leave Jude Law In 2005?

The reason for the split was because Jude Law had an affair with Daisy Wright, a nanny hired to take care of his and his ex Sadie Frost's children.

Jude publicly apologized to his fiancé and their respective families for the pain his affair had caused, but even more damage came from the media, who blew the story up, something that Sienna Miller says was too much to handle.

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It's believed that Sienna Miller's career "tanked" for this reason, because Miller found her name attached to Jude's for years, and she became known for her relationships more so than her acting, such as the "love triangle" between her and Jude Law plus Daniel Craig.

Jude Law cheating on Sienna Miller with his former nanny was enough to damage any couple, but what Sienna Miller found traumatic was how public the scandal became.

Miller said she still cannot remember "a whole six weeks of that experience” when talking to The Daily Beast about it in a 2020 interview.

“I was in so much shock over it all,” Miller recalled. “And I'd really just begun. I was only 23. But if you get through that, you feel like you can get through anything."

How 'Anatomy Of A Scandal' Proved Cathartic For Sienna Miller

It’s wonderful for Miller’s fans, or anyone who had to witness Miller’s struggle, to hear her say that she got through it all. It must have been especially difficult to forgive Law, not just because of the scandal, but the effects of its inevitable publicity, which turned Miller’s career upside down.

But now, Sienna is back on her feet, and starred as the wife of a disgraced politician who cheats on her in Anatomy of a Scandal. Sienna’s real-life experience with infidelity has helped her in the role, as she told The Cut in April 2022.

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“I wanted to look at why I wanted to play Sophie, to put myself in a space that is ugly and familiar, and I quite like being a tourist in someone else’s reactions,” Miller said, talking about the character she plays in Anatomy of a Scandal.

“Her reaction to betrayal was so measured and different from mine. So on a psychological level, to put yourself into someone else’s experience has a massive catharsis.”

Sienna Miller became an inspiration after “reclaiming" her humiliation and revealed in 2016 that she has no hard feelings toward her ex.

“We don't see each other that much. I care about him enormously,” Sienna said in a previous interview with Porter Magazine.

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What Have Fans Been Saying About 'Anatomy Of A Scandal?'

Some fans have taken to Sienna's Instagram, despite the lack of activity on the actress's social media, to try and reach out to her and let her know how they feel about her performance in Anatomy of a Scandal.

"Just finished Anatomy of a Scandal. Fabulous performance!" One fan commented on Instagram.

"So glad you’re back! I always liked you, your vibe, your acting your style," another fan kindly commented. "You’re really great. All the best!"

"What a great performance," said another fan. "I didn’t know it was you at first. Lovely."

Anatomy of a Scandal appears to have mixed critic reviews, but some fans have taken to IMDb to share what they liked about the series.

"[The] story behind it, the amazing direction, the familiar faces, and EXCELLENT screenwriting," one fan wrote in their review, "made this series well worth the watch."

"I watched the whole series in one sitting," another fan wrote, "[this] show had me hooked."

It seems Sienna has found her forte, and fans hope to see her in more psychological thrillers and dramas in the future!

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