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The Messy Cheating Accusations Ashton Kutcher Made About January Jones

Nicki Swift 9/24/2022 Kay Banks
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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who've been married since 2015 and have two children together, embody relationship goals to the point where it's easy to forget that the actor and businessman has a long list of exes, some famous and some not-so-famous. 

As far as celebs go, Kutcher has been linked to the late Brittany Murphy, and most famously, Demi Moore, to whom he was married from 2005-2013, despite her being 15 years older. While Kutcher and Murphy's recollections of their relationship, which kicked off after they wrapped production on their 2002 film, "Just Married," seemed positive (and downright saccharine), they were over by 2003 (via InStyle). Kutcher's eight-year marriage and relationship with Moore didn't end on the best terms, which Moore claims in her memoir was influenced by infidelity on Kutcher's part (via People).  

One of Kutcher's less talked about relationships, however, was with actor January Jones, whom he dated from 1998-2001. Despite the relationship's brevity, the pair endured a rocky romance that, according to Moore, was marked by jealousy on Kutcher's end. 

Ashton Kutcher Accused January Jones Of Cheating With Bruce Willis

January Jones smiling © Frazer Harrison/Getty Images January Jones smiling

January Jones and Ashton Kutcher first started dating near the end of the '90s, but their relationship didn't last long into the 2000s. Over the years, neither actor has shared too much about the relationship, although we do know that they were living together in Kutcher's apartment around 2000, according to People

Interestingly enough, Demi Moore, whom Kutcher dated and married after Jones (and Brittany Murphy) spilled some interesting tea about Kutcher's relationship with Jones. According to the "Ghost" star, in her 2019 memoir, "Inside Out," Kutcher shared that he thought Jones had had an affair with Bruce Willis, whom Moore had recently divorced, while they were together. "Ashton was convinced they'd had a fling on set," Moore wrote (via Page Six). The set Moore is referring to is 2001's "Bandits," a comedy in which Jones and Willis starred. After much time had passed, Moore crossed paths with Jones and confronted her about Kutcher's accusation, to which Jones reportedly replied, "Are you serious? I told him a hundred times, I didn't want to f*** that old man!"

Ashton Kutcher Might Not Have Supported January Jones' Acting Aspirations

Ashton Kutcher and January Jones split image © Ron Adar/Shutterstock & Robin L Marshall/Getty Ashton Kutcher and January Jones split image

If Demi Moore's account is to be believed, then it seems jealousy might have been a reason that Ashton Kutcher and January Jones didn't work out. However, there may have been more to it than that. During a 2009 sitdown with GQ, Jones, who was more famous for modeling at the time, spilled the beans about an ex of hers who didn't support her dream of being an actor. "He was like, I don't think you're going to be good at this. So f*** you!" shared Jones. "He only has nice things to say now. If anything, I should thank him. Because the minute you tell me I can't do something, that's when I'm most motivated," she added. While Jones didn't name the guy, the author of the piece speculated that, given the timing, she must have been talking about Kutcher. 

Years later, Jones appeared on an episode of "Watch What Happens Live," and addressed the rumors again. "I said someone I had dated previously wasn't encouraging of my acting — not that I couldn't. I don't know if that person had ever actually seen me act. But, the person who wrote the interview did the math and thought it might be him; I never really said who it was" she explained (via Refinery29). Since Jones didn't spill the beans outright, there's no one way of knowing if Kutcher was shady toward Jones. But it certainly makes you wonder. 

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