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10 Gladiator Characters Who Can Return In Gladiator 2

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 4/1/2023 Robert Pitman
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Gladiator 2 is officially happening, and there are plenty of characters who can return for the sequel. 2000's Gladiator is one of Ridley Scott's classic films, with the movie starring Russell Crowe being well-remembered decades after its release. After all this time, a Gladiator sequel is finally happening, which is quite strange due to the ending of the original film. However, with only a few basic plot details available, it is already clear which Gladiator characters have a good chance of returning in Gladiator 2.

Gladiator is a brutal period piece, featuring all kinds of real-life historical figures in large-scale heightened action scenes. However, Gladiator doesn't exactly seem like a film that needs a sequel at first glance due to how the film ended. Nearly every character in Gladiator dies, including Russell Crowe's Maximus, Joaquin Phoenix's villainous Commodus, and the majority of the rest of the film's main cast. However, Gladiator 2 has managed to pull a story from the rubble that is the chaos of the first film, and since some characters did survive, there are plenty of options as to who can show up in Gladiator 2.

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One of the few details that have been confirmed about Gladiator 2's story is that it will focus on Lucius, a character from the original film. In the first Gladiator, Lucius is the young nephew of emperor Commodus. While his story departs slightly from the real-life historical figure, Lucius is the successor to Commodus, presumably becoming emperor after his death at the end of Gladiator. Lucius has a fairly small role in Gladiator, but he seems to finally be stepping into the spotlight in Gladiator 2.

Paul Mescal is set to play Lucius in Gladiator 2, meaning that the film will focus on an adult version of the character. Unlike his uncle, Lucius actually looked up to Maximus in the original film, meaning that his story in Gladiator 2 may feature his conflicting beliefs regarding his political position and his admiration for the deceased gladiator. While centering Gladiator 2 around a character as small as Lucius is a risky move, it definitely is an interesting path forward for the franchise.


Lucilla is the older sister of Commodus and the mother of Lucius in the original Gladiator, with her surprisingly surviving at the end of the film. Since the film is focusing on her son, it seems likely that she could appear, whether it just be a cameo or a major role in Gladiator 2. Lucilla is probably the biggest character that didn't die in Gladiator, meaning that it would be an odd choice not to bring Connie Nielsen's character back for the sequel.


One of Djimon Hounsou's breakout roles was that of Juba in Gladiator, and his return in Gladiator 2 seems pretty likely due to Hounsou's ever-growing star power. Juba is Maximus' closest friend in the original film, assisting him on his quest to kill Commodus. Unlike Maximus, however, Juba is one of the few slaves that live, with one of Maximus' last wishes being that Juba would be set free. Juba is probably the living character with the greatest connection to Maximus, meaning that bringing him back for Gladiator 2 would be a good idea.

Senator Gracchus

Considering that Gladiator 2 will focus on the new emperor or Rome, it only makes sense for some of Gladiator's big political figures to return. Senator Gracchus is a member of the Senate in Gladiator, with him being against Commodus' coup attempt and subsequent rule. Despite his opposition to the self-proclaimed emperor, Senator Gracchus lives through the film, leaving the door open for him to return in Gladiator 2. While the timeline might make this difficult, Gladiator is far from the most historically accurate movie. Another option is that Senator Gracchus could appear in a flashback or prologue during the events of Gladiator 2.

Senator Falco

Similar to Gracchus, Senator Flaco is another member of the Roman Senate that lives through the events of Gladiator. Unlike Gracchus, however, Falco is firmly on the side of Commodus, working to prevent the plans of Maximus and Gracchus. Due to his ties to the Roman political system, it seems possible that he could play a role in the story of Lucius in Gladiator 2.


In the original Gladiator, Quintus is a Roman general that betrays Maximus after Commodus comes to power. However, Quintus eventually redeems himself by refusing to give Commodus a sword, leading to Maximus being able to kill him. Quintus' constantly switching motives make him Gladiator's big antihero, an interesting dynamic that really isn't found in other characters. A high-ranking Roman general like Quintus would be under the command of Lucius, meaning that it's possible to see him return in Gladiator 2.


Cassius plays a small role in the original Gladiator, acting as the master of ceremonies in the Colosseum. Since the film is called Gladiator 2, it is likely that it will contain some gladiatorial games. It's possible that Cassius is replaced in the sequel due to his age and small role in the series, but it would be a nice nod to see this character return for the sequel.

Tigris Of Gaul

In Gladiator, Maximus is forced to take on an armored, undefeated gladiator named Tigris of Gaul. While Maximus wins the fight, he decides not to kill Tigris, instead sparing him. This earns Maximus the nickname Maximus the Merciful, while Tigris is in debt to Maximus for the rest of his life. Since Tigris is one of the movie's more iconic gladiators, it could be possible to see the silver-clad titan return in Gladiator 2.


Russell Crowe's Maximus is the main character of Gladiator, and although the character is dead, it's still possible that he could return. Lucius met Maximus in the original film, meaning that the gladiator could return in a flashback or dream sequence. Russell Crowe's return in Gladiator 2 is not confirmed, but there have been heavy rumors regarding a cameo from Maximus. Having a small scene with the character would be a great way to honor the original film, allowing Maximus to pass the baton on to Lucius.


Since Maximus has a chance to return in a flashback or dream sequence, it's also possible that Commodus could return. Although Commodus dies in Gladiator, the villain's influence on his nephew means that he very well could appear in a similar flashback or dream sequence. While a return from Joaquin Phoenix seems less likely than Russell Crowe, it's entirely possible that Commodus could return in Gladiator 2.


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