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15 Facts Only Marvel Comics Fans Know About Adam Warlock

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 introduces Adam Warlock to the MCU, and comic book fans know this powerful character plays a major role in many Marvel Universe storylines. Adam Warlock factors heavily into the Infinity Stones (or gems as they were once known) saga in the comics, and though they seem in the rearview for live-action, plenty remains for the character to do in the MCU.

Adam Warlock shares strong ties to the modern Guardians of the Galaxy team and certain individual characters, especially Gamora. His complex and fascinating comic book history, going back into early Fantastic Four adventures, promises intriguing things for the character not just in the upcoming sequel but beyond.

Updated November 28, 2022, by Darby Harn:

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special introduced some new elements that will factor into the upcoming movie, like the Guardians taking over Knowhere from The Collector. Adam Warlock didn't make an appearance, but his comic book past remains worthwhile for MCU fans looking to discern how his screen story plays out. Adam Warlock's relationship with Gamora in particular, whom he spent considerable time in Soul World with, likely informs both characters' immediate live-action future. This powerful Marvel cosmic being also probably figures prominently in Phases 5 and 6 as more cosmic-themed characters and storylines, including the Fantastic Four, come to the MCU.

Adam Warlock Was "Him"

Adam Warlock first appears in Fantastic Four #66 in 1967, co-created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, though he is only called 'Him.' Though his initial form differs greatly from his eventual comic book look, MCU fans likely find the giant cocoon he emerges from familiar. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 features a similar cocoon in a great MCU post-credits scene.

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His origins in this iconic storyline also differ from live-action. Scientists create Him to craft the perfect human being, but he turns on them and leaves Earth to explore existence. In the MCU, Adam Warlock appears to derive from the Sovereign, a highly advanced race whose leader Ayesha calls for his creation in the movie.

Adam Warlock's Connection To "Her"

Ayesha also changed from the comics to the screen. The Enclave, a secret scientific cabal, created Him. When they perceived their creation as a failure, they applied their experience to create Paragon. Paragon morphed into Ayesha, also known as Her, once she learned that Him sought a mate.

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Her ambitions met with frustrations, though, as they may in the MCU. She searched the universe for Him, only to discover he had perished and become entangled with the Soul World.

Adam Warlock Kidnapped Lady Sif

Adam Warlock initially functions something like Frankenstein's monster, an engineered being acting purely on instinct. His need for a mate leads him to kidnap Lady Sif in The Mighty Thor #165. This leads Thor, who is her romantic interest at the time, to fight Warlock (still known as Him) to get her back.

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Though Warlock possesses the power to kidnap Sif in the MCU, this comic book storyline probably stays on the page. If it does appear, the powerful Sif likely needs no help defending herself.

The High Evolutionary Changes Adam Warlock

Him becomes Adam Warlock properly sometime later in Marvel Premiere #1. His origin and function in the Marvel Universe change dramatically when he encounters The High Evolutionary, among the most powerful Fantastic Four villains in the comics. The High Evolutionary bestows Warlock with the Soul Gem, a candidate for the most powerful Marvel Comics weapon.

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Warlock accepts the gem and the name in exchange for helping The High Evolutionary defeat Man-Beast, a rogue genetic creation who threatens Counter-Earth, his engineered paradise. With both Warlock and The High Evolutionary appearing in the upcoming movie, their comic book history likely translates to the screen to some extent.

Adam Warlock Holds The Soul Gem

The Soul Gem alone stands with the most powerful objects in the Marvel Universe. Comic book fans know The High Evolutionary grants it to Warlock, bestowing on him god-like power over the living and the dead. The gem also functions as a gateway to a pocket dimension where souls reside, a dimension the MCU briefly hinted at in the movies.

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The Soul Gem introduced the Infinity Stones concept into the comics, though originally it was only one of six Soul Gems. These later evolved into the Infinity Gems and then later the Stones that played such a crucial role in both the comics and the MCU.

Adam Warlock's Connection To Gamora

Warlock likely factors in Gamora's story arc in the upcoming movie as they share a strong connection in the comics. Warlock first encounters her in Strange Tales #180 from 1975, her first appearance, and he enlists the galactic assassin to help him stop Magus, a powerful variant of himself from the future.

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Gamora eventually dies trying to stop Thanos from assembling the Infinity Gems for the first time in Avengers Annual #7 and Warlock absorbs her soul into the Soul Gem for safekeeping. It's possible Warlock shares some connection with Soul World in the MCU and could perhaps locate the original Gamora there.

Adam Warlock Vs. The Magus

The Magus counts as Warlock's greatest villain in Marvel Comics. The Soul Gem corrupted this older variant, leading him to travel back in time and found the Universal Church of Truth, an insidious organization that counts among the most powerful Guardians of the Galaxy villains.

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Warlock initially defeats Magus with Thanos' help, erasing the variant by changing the past. But as the multiverse in the comics and now the MCU shows, time travel works differently. Other Magus versions emerged in later comics, including one that tries to possess the Infinity Gauntlet for himself.

The Universal Church Of Truth

The Universal Church of Truth worships Magus, Warlock's evil future self. This intergalactic religion spanned the entire galaxy, preaching peace and wisdom, but rarely delivering it. They offered their faith to planets throughout the cosmos, but if those planets rejected them, the Church attacked.

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The Guardians fight the Church repeatedly in the comics, mostly to prevent them from bringing forth Magus into Earth-616. This sets up a likely conflict for the team in future live-action.

Adam Warlock's "The Goddess" Form

Warlock appears in another form in the comics that could manifest in live-action. The Goddess represents Warlock's inherent good nature, which he excised from himself with the Infinity Gauntlet. She looms large in the overall Infinity Saga, first appearing in The Infinity Crusade #1 where she seeks to eliminate all sin from the universe.

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Warlock ultimately challenges her when her ambition leads to grave consequences. He defeats her and reabsorbs her into the Soul Gem, where she remains.

Adam Warlock Creates The Infinity Watch

Warlock forms the Infinity Watch, a group from Marvel Comics lore likely to appear in some form in the MCU, in the aftermath of The Infinity Gauntlet. Warlock retains the Gauntlet after defeating Thanos, but The Living Tribunal, perhaps the most powerful cosmic being in the Marvel Universe, refuses to entrust it to Warlock.

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Warlock divides up the six gems to his most trusted allies, including Gamora and Drax The Destroyer, calling them the Infinity Watch. Though the stones no longer play a role in live-action, this group could spin out of the current Guardians in the MCU depending on how things go in the new movie.

Adam Warlock Gained Control of The Silver Surfer’s Board

Warlock proved his vast cosmic power numerous times in the comics, but perhaps none more so than when he commandeered the Silver Surfer's surfboard. The Silver Surfer, invested with the Power Cosmic and formerly among Galactus' most powerful heralds, becomes a passenger on his own board to his surprise.

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Warlock and Surfer encounter each other often in the comics, including during the epic Infinity Gauntlet storyline. Warlock drafts Surfer into his plan to defeat Thanos, though it goes awry on the first attempt.

Infinity Countdown

Though the Infinity Stones no longer exist in the MCU's present, the comics provide an opportunity for how they could return. Infinity Countdown spins out from 2015's Secret Wars, an important Marvel Comics event, when the stones, thought destroyed, returned with the reconstitution of the multiverse.

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Warlock put the Infinity Watch back together to mind the stones, and this storyline could play put post-Secret Wars in the MCU should the stones also return in live-action.

Infinity's End

The Infinity Stones' return complicates Warlock's life in a major way, especially as it draws Kang The Conqueror's attention. A powerful Kang The Conqueror variant informs Warlock of the restored stones eventually lead to the universe's destruction. Kang himself tries to stop this and repeatedly fails, but with Warlock's help, he may be able to undo it.

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With both Warlock and Kang coming to the MCU, this development from the comics likely manifests in the MCU, especially as the heroes will need some way to defeat Kang once and for all.

Adam Warlock Joins Guardians Of The Galaxy

Adam Warlock joins the Guardians of the Galaxy in 2008 when the modern team, including Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot, first formed. He comes to the team to help defend against cosmic threats following the cataclysmic events in Annihilation, where Annihilius leads an invasion of the universe.

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Warlock remains with the team for some time, but his dark destiny with the Magus interferes once again. Warlock transforms into Magus, killing the Guardians, and forcing Star-Lord to use the Cosmic Cube to restore things to normal.

Marvel Universe: The End

Thanos absorbs the Heart of the Universe, an incredibly powerful cosmic object, in 2003's Marvel Universe: The End. He does this to save the universe from destruction and ultimately destroys it. Warlock helps convince Thanos to restore the universe as it was, which requires Thanos to sacrifice himself in the process.

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This epic storyline from Jim Starlin, the writer behind many classic Guardians characters like Thanos and Drax the Destroyer, potentially serves as inspiration for later MCU movies or shows.

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