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8 Most Powerful Dragons In DC Comics

CBR 3/29/2023 Scoot Allan
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2023’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods introduced the villainous Daughters of Atlas, who had the unique Power of Access. This gave them the ability to control a powerful mystical dragon known as Ladon, who nearly took out the Shazam Family. Ladon has appeared in the comics as well, though he isn’t the only powerful dragon in the DC Universe.

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The first dragon actually appeared way back in 1945’s Batman #5, by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. It didn’t have a name and Batman easily defeated it, but it still set up the fantastical creatures for further story potential. Since then, DC heroes have fought Joker Dragons from the Dark Multiverse while Damian Wayne formed a lifelong friendship with the Dragon Bat named Goliath.


After his appearance with the powerful Daughters of Atlas in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Ladon quickly became one of DC's most intimidating dragons. Ladon guards the Golden Apples in the Garden of the Hesperides, though he has only had a couple of mild comic appearances over the years that didn’t reveal much about his threat.

In Fury of the Gods, Ladon is a wooden dragon who exudes fear as a mythical blue flame from every pore in his body. The powerful dragon mostly appeared in the background of the Garden of Hesperides in the comics, making his Fury of the Gods portrayal more powerful by far.

Nightwing & Flamebird

The names Nightwing and Flamebird are more commonly associated with the costumed identities of Dick Grayson and Bette Kane. However, Grayson in particular took his name after hearing a story from Superman about mythological Kryptonian gods.

The Kryptonian sun god Rao created Nightwing, a dragon hunter who could explore the shadows Rao couldn't enter. Flamebird was the daughter of Rao, and she fell deeply in love with Nightwing. Unfortunately, their enemy Vohc trapped Nightwing in the Phantom Zone, separating the eternal lovers. Nightwing and Flamebird later reunited in new Kryptonian avatars.


The incredibly powerful Bat-God known as Barbatos was originally a dragon created by the World Forger to consume the failed universes he created. When Barbatos turned on the World Forger, it stopped consuming failed universes which led to the formation of the Dark Multiverse.

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Barbatos lusted for power and sought to manipulate a human agent to help raise the Dark Multiverse. The evil dragon god manipulated Bruce Wayne’s life, altering events to create Batman for his own nefarious goals. Barbatos has an army of Dark Knights and incredible reality-altering abilities, making him one of the DC universe’s most powerful dragons.

Joker Dragon

Barbatos revealed some of his dark plans for Batman during the Dark Nights: Metal event. However, he wasn’t the only memorable dragon that appeared in the crossover event. Batman shocked fans when he rode into battle atop a Joker Dragon.

Barbatos originally summoned the Joker Dragons from the Dark Multiverse to aid The Batman Who Laughs and his Dark Knights. However, Batman was able to hijack one of them and take the fight to Barbatos. The Joker Dragons can breathe fire and fly at superhuman speeds, though they have a unique weakness to the Nth metal used by heroes like Hawkman.

The Three Faces Of Evil

Ladon isn’t the only dragon the Shazam Family has faced over the years. Of course, they were known as the Marvel Family when they first encountered the triple-headed dragon being from another dimension called the Three Faces of Evil.

Sin, Wickedness, and Terror could also corrupt and manipulate the minds of others, breathe fire, and change their monstrous form in various ways. When The Wizard first encountered the Three Faces of Evil, he imprisoned them inside the mystical Rock of Eternity.

Typhoeus, The Father Of Monsters

The New Teen Titans first encountered a humanoid version of the Father of Monsters known as Typhon. However, Wonder Woman later encountered the original aspect of Typhoeus, who has also been known as Set over the centuries as well.

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In his Typhoeus form, he is a powerful dragon and Titan of Myth with incredible godly strength, flight, and the ability to breathe fire. Zeus trapped Typhoeus for eons under Mount Etna in Italy. Wonder Woman eventually freed the Father of Monsters in one of her services to Hecate. She had to fight Ares who also sought out Typhoeus as a trophy for the Greek Gods.

Damian Wayne's Goliath

Batman’s son Damian Wayne took in quite a few animals after he moved into the Batcave. This all began when he made a unique friend during his time training as a member of the League of Assassins. He found a baby dragon bat that he named Goliath while on a mission.

Damian Wayne raised the young Goliath into a powerful ally. Goliath remained with his mother while Damian joined his father in Gotham City. Damian eventually returned and started working with his old friend again. Goliath’s flight and incredible super-strength made him the perfect partner for Damian Wayne as Robin before he ultimately decided to free the dragon bat.

Dragonson, The Aqua-Man Of North Korea

The New Super-Man Kong Kenan formed his own powerful roster called the Justice League of China with members like Avery Ho/Flash. Ahn Kwang-Jo eventually joined as The Dragonson, a descendent of a mythical Dragon King who became known as the Aqua-Man of North Korea.

King Munmu was the Dragon King of the Northern Sea and the father of Ahn Kwang-Jo. Munmu decided to empower his son with all of his abilities to help restore his former kingdom. Ahn Kwang-Jo could change into his powerful Dragonson form, which gave him the ability to manipulate water, breathe underwater, and communicate with aquatic cryptid creatures.

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