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Andor: Adria Arjona's 8 Best Movies & TV Shows, Ranked (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

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Bix Caleen has already stolen the show in Andor, but the actress behind the role, Adria Arjona, has so many more impressive releases in her archives. The credits that Arjona has already picked up are well worth checking out, for those who are fans of her work in the Star Wars galaxy.

Rotten Tomatoes has shuffled through her filmography and worked out which are the best, based on the reviews of the project. The range of films and TV shows that she starred in, demonstrates how Arjona can jump between genres with ease, always managing to capture the emotion of the moment.

Triple Frontier (2019) - 70%

While certainly not the first movie in Arjona's career, it is one of the most high-profile. Triple Frontier saw Arjona star alongside talents such as Pedro Pascal, Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, and Sheila Vand. Arjona portrayed Yovanna, an integral informant who needs to be smuggled, alongside her brother, out of Colombia.

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The film features a band of former special operatives, who have come out of retirement in order to pursue this mission. It's bold, gritty, and action-packed and Arjona proves to be a vital catalyst for the piece, carrying the thematic threads of the film on her back while providing a few violent sequences of her own.

True Detective (2015) - 72%

Arjona has made quite the name for herself through the television revolution, guest starring in a range of beloved shows. True Detective is on that list. The concept of the series drew from law enforcement officers who were tasked with investigating a disturbing conspiracy.

While Arjona wouldn't be considered to be among the main characters of the series, her portrayal of Emily was definitely memorable. Her role was to largely add some emotional depth to the death of Paul Woodrugh, who was both her fiancé and father to her child. However, she also tackled a complex narrative involving whether she should go through with her pregnancy or not, with Arjona navigating the plot with class.

Father Of The Bride (2022) - 81%

Although Arjona has demonstrated she's no stranger to the action and crime genres, Father of the Bride indicated that she was more than capable of stepping into a dramatic rom-com. Of course, the general premise of Father of the Bride drew heavily from the previous two releases that set the stage.

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Regardless of the familiarity of the tale, Arjona brought a great deal of charm and freshness to the role of Sofia Herrera, who is the bride in question. The movie takes a hilarious look at the relationship between a dad and his daughter going into the big day, with the chemistry of Arjona and her fictional father, Andy Garcia, providing the heart of the film.

Monsterland (2020) - 82%

Monsterland boasts such an interesting premise, as the supernatural and fantastical interacts with the real world. The anthology series with a horror twist allows audiences to watch what happens when mermaids, beasts, angels and of course monsters, come to interfere in the lives of mere mortals.

Arjona shines as the mermaid Dana, who gets stuck on dry land and is rescued by the fisherman Sharko, portrayed by Trieu Tran. It's a graceful performance, which blends the genres beautifully. While the show itself has been a success, Arjona's episode in particular is among the most compelling.

Good Omens (2019) - 84%

Hailing from the minds of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the adaptation of the massively popular novel, Good Omens, definitely didn't leave fans disappointed. Whimsical, high stakes, and unafraid to fully throw itself into the source material, Good Omens was a masterclass in bringing classic storytelling to the small screen.

The series made the wise decision to cast Arjona in the role of Anathema Device, a budding witch and prophecy reader, who forms a firm connection with Newton Pulsifier, played by Jack Whitehall, in the quest to stop the end of the world. She's one of the few side characters who have any sense of what's going on and is the perfect guiding light in the chaotic darkness.

Andor (2022) - 89%

In just a few short episodes, Arjona has already cemented herself in the galaxy far, far away as Bix Caleen. In the Andor universe, nothing is simply black or white; good or evil. Caleen tows that line, acting as an ally to Cassian Andor in many respects, but continuing to operate in the shadows.

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She acts as an intriguing lead, to who fans are immediately drawn to. It's hard for Star Wars to introduce a character that so quickly resonates with audiences while contributing something completely unique to the franchise. But the subtlety of Arjona's portrayal of Caleen demonstrates why she was the right woman for the job.

Person Of Interest (2014-2015) - 92%

Although Arjona may be flirting with espionage and secrecy in Andor, those skills were originally developed through her limited role in Person of Interest. The conspiracy-based show has one of the most hardcore fan bases out there, and Arjona contributed effortlessly on arrival.

Blending into the cast perfectly, Arjona played Dani Silva in just a handful of episodes. She's an internal affairs detective for the NYPD, with a crime-filled past. She quickly becomes an undercover informant, looking to flush out a mole, but unfortunately pays the ultimate price in a heartbreaking scene that left audiences wanting far more from the character.

Irma Vep (2022) - 96%

One of the most recent additions to Arjona's television filmography, Irma Vep is a drama inspired by the movie of the same name. Placing Alicia Vikander in the lead, it traces the life of an actress who travels to France where she is all-consumed by the psychologically challenging role she plays in her latest project.

Arjona takes on the part of Laurie, the ex-lover and assistant to Vikander's Mira, and one of the primary catalysts for her emotional struggles. It's yet another nuanced role for Arjona to take on, but as evidenced by the success of the show, she never once poses any opportunity for doubt in her sheer ability to carry a scene.

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