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Batgirl Movie Directors Have 1 Condition For Future Warner Bros. Return

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 12/5/2022 Nathan Graham-Lowery
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Batgirl movie directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi reveal their one condition to potentially returning and working with Warner Bros. again after their film's shocking cancellation. The canceled DC Comics film would have seen Leslie Grace take on the role of Batgirl, with J.K. Simmons and Michael Keaton reprising their roles of Commissioner Jim Gordon and Batman. Batgirl would have seen Grace's hero face pyromaniac villain Firefly, portrayed by Brendan Fraser, but the film's HBO Max release was canceled following company-wide restructurings due to the Warner Bros./Discovery merger in August.

When reflecting on the ordeal of Batgirl's unprecedented cancelation with THR, Fallah and El Arbi were asked whether they would work with Warner Bros. on future DC Comics projects following James Gunn's hiring to lead DC Studios. Fallah stated that while they would gladly work alongside the studio again and were willing to return to the world of DC, they would only do so on the condition that their project is released, unlike Batgirl's unfortunate fate. Check out Fallah's full response below:

“Yeah, we’d still work with them. But on the condition that the movie comes out. I mean, if Warner says ‘do you want to do the next Batman or Superman?,’ of course we’ll say yes. Just so long as the movie comes out!”

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Is There Any Chance The New DC Studios Revives Batgirl?

Batgirl's sudden cancellation sent shockwaves throughout the film industry. It was reported that Warner Bros. Discovery's decision came following test screenings of an early cut of the film, where higher-ups at the studio decided that it would not be worth the effort to increase the film's budget to bring it in line with other DC movies amid cost-cutting moves at the newly merged company. Industry voices including Gunn, Keaton, and Kevin Feige reached out to both directors in support, while Avengers Endgame director Joe Russo described Batgirl's cancellation as a "murder" and motivated by "corporate sociopathy". In the aftermath, secret screenings of the unfinished cut were held at the Warner Bros. for the cast and crew, but Fallah and El Arbi were unable to attend, nor were they able to recover footage before WB locked their servers.

However, while Fallah and El Arbi's original Batgirl project may never see the light of day, there may still be hope for Grace's Batgirl in the future of the newly formed DC Studios. Upon Batgirl's initial cancellation, Warner Bros. emphasized how neither Grace nor Fallah and El Arbi were responsible in a statement from the studio, before expressing interest in reuniting with each party again for future collaborations. Gunn was also one of the first voices to support the directors following the cancelation, and with his recent appointment to lead the studio, he may hope to give both directors another chance at bringing their and Grace's version of Batgirl to life.

Batgirl's sudden cancelation was one of many unfortunate moves by Warner Bros. Discovery following the merger between the studio and the network, but it was the one which drew the most vocal backlash. Audiences and notable industry creatives including Gunn and Kevin Smith passionately reacted to Batgirl's cancelation, condemning Zaslav and other executive's decision to put cost-cutting measures ahead of the work that Fallah, El Arbi, Grace, and the rest of the film's crew had dedicated themselves to. However, with both directors expressing their willingness to return provided their work would reach audiences, and Gunn hoping to carve a new path for DC's film future, things could yet work out for all parties to create a successful production.

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