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Elijah Wood Slams AMC Theaters For Controversial New Movie Ticket Prices

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Actor Elijah Wood recently slammed AMC Theaters for the company's decision to adjust their ticket prices. As a part of their Sightline initiative, the theater chain intends to increase the cost of seats in certain regions of the theater. Divided into three options, the desired seating at the center of the theater will be dubbed Preferred Sightline and will see a higher price than the rest of the theater's Standard Sightline seats. However, the front row and ADA seats, called Value Sightline, will receive a discount.

Wood recently took to social media to criticize AMC Theaters move to hike prices for the more favorable seating in a movie theater.

The Lord of the Rings star calls the decision an attack on those with lower income, while favoring those with more to spend. The actor claims the move would effectively change the landscape of the entertainment venue.

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How AMC's Price Change Affects People With Lower Income

In a previous statement, AMC Theaters executive Vice President Eliot Hamlisch claimed the move would accommodate those who prioritize specific seating as well as those who value the movie-going experience. However, Wood's comments highlight the inherent inequity in the system as lower-income individuals who also prioritize seating will be priced out of their preferred movie-going experience. Such an inequitable pricing structure is already evidenced in other entertainment venues that offer a similar pricing approach, an experience AMC Theaters looks to emulate.

Sporting arenas for various leagues increase pricing for what are considered the best seats, relegating those with less disposable income to seats with limited sight lines, farthest from the field, or to standing room only. Although that pricing system is standard in American sports, its system has been heavily criticized for years, making it clear why Wood would call out the major theater chain. The major multi-billion dollar loss in revenue during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic likely spurned the company to make such a drastic move.

AMC Theaters looks to begin their Sightline initiative this Friday in New York, Chicago, and Kansas City, but will be expanding the system to theaters around the country by the end of the year. However, the price change only affects showtimes after 4 p.m., allowing audiences to pay the normal price for their preferred seats before then. With AMC Theater's bold move taking effect at the end of the week, only time will tell if the price change will have a greater effect on the industry as a whole. Next week's Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania premiere may prove to be the company's first major test.

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