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Everything We Lost With The Batgirl Cancellation

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 10/23/2022 Robert Pitman
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The notorious cancelation of Batgirl has been major news since its announcement, and while the loss of the work of hundreds of artists is tragic, there are also a lot of aspects of the DCEU that may never be seen without the movie. The movie featured a star-studded cast, new DCEU heroes and villains, and even the return of one major fan-favorite character. While Batgirl may not have been the most hyped DCEU movie, it had a pretty significant following, and its cancelation means that a lot of exciting elements may have been lost forever.

Batgirl was set to follow the titular superhero, played by Leslie Grace, as she teamed up with Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) in order to take on an all-new threat in Gotham, the villainous pyromaniac Firefly (Brendan Fraser). Batgirl was directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, meaning that the film had some serious talent behind it. However, Warner Bros. Discovery cancelled Batgirl well into production, with the nearly-completed film being shelved due to poor reception at test screenings and a change in direction for the company, with them moving away from HBO Max exclusive movies. Warner Bros. Discovery seemingly decided that it was better to cut their losses rather than release a poorly-received flop. However, even if the film wasn't good, getting rid of the work of hundreds of artists is a shame. A lot was lost when Warner Bros. Discovery canceled Batgirl, and here are some of the biggest parts of the DCEU that now may be forever lost.

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Leslie Grace As The First Movie Batgirl

Barbara Gordon has never appeared in a movie before, and Leslie Grace was supposed to portray her in her film debut. There have been plenty of interpretations of characters like Batman and Robin in movies, but Batgirl's debut in Batgirl would have been a first for the character. And as iconic as Batgirl is, she should've been featured in a film long ago, with Barbara Gordon being one of the most well-known female superheroes in comics. On top of that, she would have been played by Leslie Grace, an incredibly talented actress that gained popularity for her performance in In the Heights. Leslie Grace is a woman of color, making her one of the first women of color superheroes to get her own big-budget movie, which would be a huge step forward for inclusivity in the genre.

Batgirl could also have set Leslie Grace up to play a big role in the DCEU, as the franchise seems to finally be finding its footing after a few years of instability. While Ben Affleck's Batman is appearing in Aquaman 2, there aren't any solo movies for the character confirmed yet, meaning that Barbara Gordon could have been the face of the Bat-family in the DCEU. While the original plans for Batgirl's future aren't certain, it's safe to assume she would have appeared in other DCEU movies and TV shows, and although future appearances are still possible, it seems a lot less likely due to the cancelation of Batgirl.

Michael Keaton's True Presence In The DCEU

Batgirl was set to feature Michael Keaton's return as Batman for the first time since 1992's Batman Returns, meaning that Batgirl would have had huge implications on the character and on the DCEU as a whole. Batgirl would have been Keaton's second appearance in the DCEU, with him first being introduced in The Flash. While Michael Keaton's presence in The Flash makes sense, as it is a multiversal film, his appearance in Batgirl implies he could have stuck around in the DCEU, raising a bunch of questions that may never be answered. Having two versions of Batman existing in the same universe is definitely a bold choice, and Batgirl would have truly shown off how Michael Keaton's Batman fits into the DCEU. It is possible that, while Ben Affleck's Batman is more involved with Justice League stories, Michael Keaton's Batman would have been involved with cultivating the Bat-family, training Batgirl and other characters in the future. Michael Keaton's appearance as Batman was one of the most anticipated things about Batgirl, and while he will still be in The Flash, his second big movie being shelved is still a huge loss.

JK Simmons' Return As Commissioner Gordon

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, meaning that Batgirl would have marked the second appearance of JK Simmons' Commissioner Gordon after his debut in Justice League. JK Simmons' appearance in Justice League was fairly minor, and since his character hasn't been brought back yet, Commissioner Gordon has been one of the DCEU's biggest wastes. JK Simmons is a beloved actor, with many praising his casting as Gordon, making his lack of appearances very strange. Gordon is also a vital character in the story of Batman, and since there haven't been many Batman stories in the DCEU, there haven't been many reasons to use Commissioner Gordon. However, Batgirl would have finally given Gordon the spotlight he deserves, as he is the father of the main character as well as being involved with the action due to his line of work. Batgirl's cancelation means that JK Simmons' return as Commissioner Gordon is now even further away, if it even happens at all.

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Brendan Fraser As The Villain Firefly

Brendan Fraser was set to play Firefly, the main villain of Batgirl, quite possibly the cancelation's saddest casualty. Brendan Fraser was one of the quintessential movie stars of the late 90s and early 2000s, with the action and comedy star taking a lengthy hiatus due to some tragic personal events. While Fraser has appeared in some projects since his hiatus, such as Doom Patrol and The Whale, his role as Batgirl's main antagonist would have been the first big action film to put him back in the public eye since his disappearance. Fraser has been vocal about the film's cancelation, explaining story details that will now never be seen. Batgirl's Firefly would have been a veteran named Ted Carson who turns to a life of crime after losing his benefits, which is a completely original backstory for the character. Brendan Fraser's comeback performance and this new take on Firefly are just two of the things forever lost because of Batgirl's cancelation.

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