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Hawkeye Directors To Helm Big Thunder Mountain Movie Based On Disney Ride

GameRant 8/17/2022 Andrew McRae
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After Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl lit up box offices (and then led to a series of increasingly disappointing sequels, the quality in line with where each sat in sequence), the Disney Company set their eyes on turning their famous rides—the closest thing the company ever had to original IP of their very own—into a series of lucrative movies spawning merch out the wazoo. Next on the list: Big Thunder Mountain.

Now according to Deadline, the directors of Hawkeye, Bert & Bertie, one of the better Disney+ MCU television series and one that a fan favorite due to Hailee Steinfeld and Florence’s Pugh’s effortless chemistry on screen, are set to adapt the rollicking mining train-themed rollercoaster into another ride-inspired movie for Disney produced by Scott Free and LuckyChap Entertainment.

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After Pirates of the Caribbean came the Eddie Murphy disaster, The Haunted Mansion, only notable for its set design and the fantastic makeup work by the multiple-Academy award-winning makeup effects artist, Rick Baker. That was followed by all of the advancingly worse Pirates sequels and then their The Jungle Cruise movie, itself based on a ride that was already inspired by the 1951 John Huston-directed, Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn-starring The African Queen. Taking a cue from the Stephen Sommers’ Mummy movies and their own Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, they created a riff on both filled with zany, cartoonishly over-the-top-action all in a quest for a magic MacGuffin that leads to encounters with undead Conquistador zombies cursed by natives for their greed—shadows of The Curse of the Black Pearl in spades.

These expensive sometimes-flops haven’t deterred Disney, however, and they’re going full steam ahead (pun intended) on a Big Thunder Mountain movie based on the rollicking rollercoaster that’s said to be the “wildest ride in the wilderness.” The coaster, which opened in 1979, originally replaced an area of the park where children could ride on the backs of real, live burros around the miniature Western town that forms part of the coaster’s background scenery today. It’s a ride that hasn’t been without its own controversy over the years, most recently the 2003 accident in which one man was killed and ten other guests injured in a massive accident that involved the train literally jumping off the tracks.

With Bert & Bertie aboard, it still doesn’t mean the project might not jump the tracks as well. In recent years, betting on Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski, the producer of the Pirates franchise and the director of the first three films in it, teamed up for the 2013 big-budget adaptation of the 1930s serial The Lone Ranger. They even pulled in Jack Sparrow himself, Johnny Depp, as Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s sidekick (along with the increasingly controversial Armie Hammer). The picture even featured a grand finale set aboard a train, but was still a box office disaster and more in line with fellow flop Wild Wild West than anything else. That leaves some big boots for Big Thunder Mountain to fill.

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Source: Deadline

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