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How to Watch Bros

Collider 12/5/2022 Sofia Sheehan
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Billy Eichner has made us laugh for years with his iconic TV performances, but this past fall he made his way to the big screen. He is the star of the first romantic comedy from a major studio about two gay men. Featuring an entirely LGBTQ principal cast, this is a movie made by and for gay people. Bros is a romantic comedy about two gay men that have put off intimacy and commitment for years in order to cultivate successful careers and subsequently find each other and fall in love. Along with a giddy romance, Eichner’s movie offers bitingly hilarious social commentary on what it means to be gay in the modern world. For anybody who can’t wait to see Eichner’s first leading role in a studio film, here’s everything we know about how, when, and where you can watch the critically acclaimed rom-com.

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When Did Bros Come Out?

Bros premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8th, and was released in theaters everywhere by Universal Pictures on September 30th. Unfortunately, the film is no longer playing in theaters.

Will Bros Be Available on Streaming the Same Day as Theaters?

As of December 2, 2022, Bros is now available to stream on Peacock for Premium and Premium Plus subscribers. So if you missed seeing the romantic comedy on the big screen, you'll now be able to watch it from the comfort of your own living room.

Watch on Peacock

Universal Pictures signed a streaming deal in July 2021 with Peacock, ending their longtime pact with HBO. All of their theatrical and home video releases will be released on the streamer no later than four months after their theatrical release. You can get a Peacock membership for $4.99 a month.

What Is Bros About?

Bros is a romantic comedy written by and starring Billy Eichner. Eichner plays Bobby Lieber, a fast-paced New Yorker who touts his independence to his friends in relationships but secretly longs for more connection. When he meets Aaron (Luke Macfarlane), a good-looking guy in the club, Bobby has to finally admit that he wants a relationship. Unfortunately, Aaron is just as commitment-phobic as he is, so their road to love will be filled with obstacles.

Is There A Trailer For Bros?

Replay Video

Yes, a full-length trailer for Bros featuring the music of George Michael and Queen was released on June 16th and reveals more of the satire and laugh-out-loud moments that will make this movie one of the most unique and entertaining of the year. We see that Eichner’s character, Bobby, is working on the historic LGBTQ+ Museum unveiling in New York City. He is surrounded by spirited and opinionated coworkers that make any small addition an unnecessarily large discussion. Apart from them, Bobby is also hounded by his friends who want him to settle down whether it be in a traditional relationship or an unconventional one. It becomes clear to Bobby that independence is a great gift, but it definitely comes at the price of his own loneliness until he meets Aaron. He may seem like his polar opposite but his quick wit and similar relationship philosophy make him the perfect match. Aside from this, the trailer gives us a taste of some of the hilarious, and well-deserved jabs at straight people. This is definitely not a straight comedy with gay characters clumsily inserted in.

Who Is the Director of Bros?

The director of Bros is Nicholas Stoller. Stoller is most famous for his 2008 smash hit, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This story of a 30-something loser who goes to Hawaii to get over his recent breakup and instead finds his ex-girlfriend in the arms of a rock star was one of the most refreshing rom-coms of the decade. This led to a line of steady work for Stoller. Since then, he collaborated with two of his stars from Forgetting Sarah Marshall in Get Him to the Greek starring Russell Brand and The Five Year Engagement starring Jason Segel. His most financially successful venture came recently when he directed the frat comedy Neighbors and its sequel Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Apart from film, Stoller got his start in TV working on the criminally underrated show Undeclared and more recently the star-studded Netflix show, Friends From College.

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Who Is In the Cast of Bros?

This has got to be one of the most star-studded casts in this year's fall line-up! As the lead, Billy Eichner is bringing his lengthy TV experience to film. Eichner got his start on his YouTube series turned TV show, Billy on the Street, in which he quizzed random New Yorkers on his own pop culture opinions. His high-maintenance persona landed him a role on Parks and Recreation, and he has since starred in shows like Difficult People and American Horror Story. Luke Macfarlane stars as his love interest, Aaron. Macfarlane got his big break on the family drama Brothers & Sisters starring alongside legends like Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths. Since then, he has starred in various Hallmark movies as well as the recent Netflix rom-com Single All the Way. Rounding out the supporting cast is a list of the funniest actors working today including Ts Madison, Guy Branum, Bowen Yang, Harvey Fierstein, Benito Skinner, Kristin Chenoweth, and Debra Messing.

Other LGBT Romantic Comedies Like Bros

The gay rom-com may not have been a mainstay of the industry for most of film history, but there has been a boom in the genre in recent years. If you loved Bros, check out these funny and touching movies.

Fire Island - One of the funniest and most inventive Jane Austen adaptations of all time, Fire Island was one of the best movies of the summer. Based on the classic Austen novel Pride & Prejudice, the movie follows a group of gay friends as they spend their last summer vacationing in the historic gay vacation hotspot, Fire Island. There, they navigate the intricate relationships of a chosen family, class issues, and love. With a cast including Bowen Yang, Joel Kim Booster, and Margaret Cho, this is the perfect comfort movie!

Happiest Season - Directed by Veep actress Clea Duvall, Happiest Season focuses on one of the most emotional, difficult, and rewarding times in a gay person’s life: coming out. The movie begins when Harper (Mackenzie Davis) invites her long-term girlfriend Abby (Kristen Stewart) to her house for Christmas. Everything seems to be going well until Abby finds out Harper hasn’t come out to her parents yet. Duvall already proved her directing chops with the comedy-drama The Intervention, but this holiday movie proved she was consistent and had a unique perspective to share.

But I’m A Cheerleader - This quirky teen rom-com not only made us laugh but also brought attention to the very real problem of conversion camps. But I’m A Cheerleader follows Megan Bloomfield (Natasha Lyonne), an all-American suburban cheerleader who comes home to find her family and friends have staged an intervention. She is sent to a conversion camp and once there, she has to fight her own shame, come to terms with who she is, and learn to love. Though it was panned upon its release, But I’m A Cheerleader has gained cult status and remains one of the sweetest teen movies of all time.

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