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IMAX releases trailer for upcoming 40th Anniversary Screenings of E.T.

MovieWeb logo MovieWeb 8/9/2022 Caroline Miller
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Last June, one of the most heartfelt science fiction movies celebrated its 40th anniversary. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is widely regarded as one of those great classics of the ’80s, with its delightful cast, unforgettable score, and suspenseful cinematography. IMAX will be giving a special screening of the restored movie this month to celebrate the occasion and has released a trailer for the special screenings, which can be viewed below!

Replay Video

The trailer is a cut of everything we all love about the movie, showing highlights of the film’s most remembered scenes. We see it all here, the scene of E.T. being lured into the house with Reese’s Pieces, the scene with the little sister, Halloween, the flowers being restored, and the magical bike flying shots! All through the clip, our ears are treated to John Williams’ magical score for the film, which captures both the suspense and whimsy of the story.

“E.T. Phone Home…”

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was released in 1982 and is widely considered by many as one of director Steven Spielberg’s greatest. Upon its release, the movie was a smash hit at the box offices, climbing the charts to the number one spot! Outgrossing Star Wars, E.T. became the highest-grossing film of all time before being dethroned by Spielberg’s next colossal hit, 1993’s Jurassic Park. The movie was a cultural phenomenon, it was hard to walk down the street without seeing the loveable alien on plush toys, shirts, board games, and an infamous Atari video game that would gain a legacy of its own…

E.T. would have several healthy theatrical re-releases throughout the years. The first re-release would be in 1985, then in 2002 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Though the 20th anniversary of the film came with some controversy… Spielberg revealed a new version of the movie to the world, an extended “Special Edition.” This edition of the film included a few scenes that were not in the theatrical cut (such as E.T. taking a bath) due to the crew not having enough time to perfect the practical effects of the time. The film had also been altered with CGI to enhance and censor certain parts of the film that Spielberg was unhappy with at the time, including touch-ups on E.T. himself, turning the guns held by federal agents into walkie-talkies, and making Elliot’s cape flap in the wind during the flying sequences. Critics and fans did not take the changes well, crying foul at the censorship and calling the CGI cheap. Spielberg later voiced regret about the changes made to the movie, and has since only released the original 1982 cut ever since to home media. Even the trailer for the IMAX screening makes it very clear that this edition is the original.

E.T. will be coming to IMAX theaters on August 12th. Following the charming little alien romp will be another Spielberg classic, Jaws! The shark hunting thriller will be hitting IMAX and RealD 3D on September 2nd, making it the perfect summer for fans!


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