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Kevin Smith Comments On Superman: Legacy And James Gunn Taking Over: ’Crazy ‘F-ing Talented’

CinemaBlend 3/22/2023 Adreon Patterson
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As Hollywood’s go-to guy for all things superhero and nerd culture, Kevin Smith isn’t afraid to give an honest take when it comes to any projects coming from that world. The news about DC Studios head James Gunn directing a new Superman film was no different. Smith championed Gunn taking over as he commented on the upcoming Superman: Legacy.

During his podcast Fat Man Beyond, the Chasing Amy director gave his thoughts on Gunn directing the new Superman film. Of course, Smith is no strange to the Man of Steel, having written the abandoned 1990s film Superman Lives. His co-host Marc Bernardin brought up the news, calling it the “worst-kept secret in Hollywood.” The hosts mentioned the Guardians of the Galaxy director confirming the information in a touching tweet about the film’s release date coinciding with his late father’s birthday. After reading Gunn’s tweets, Smith praised his fellow filmmaker by commenting on the latest Superman entry.

If anyone knows about obscure filmmaking, it’s Kevin Smith. Much like James Gunn, his film resume is filled with quirky flicks like Clerks and Mallrats. However, like Gunn, he has a fair share of mainstream films like Cop Out and Jersey Girl. So he understood the necessity to stay true to himself while working within the Hollywood system. Gunn jumped from the indie film world to a Hollywood staple by penning the live-action Scooby-Doo movies.

Superman’s lack of big-screen appearances led to Smith praising The CW’s Superman and Lois for “doing a wonderful version of Superman.” He mentioned the show did a great job crafting an older Superman before pivoting to advocating for the Son of Krypton’s theatrical return. He said:

The Silent Bob and Jay Strike Back director expounded on his statement by saying he loved the heart Gunn brought during his time filming the Guardians film series. He felt Gunn would bring that to the latest incarnation of the DC superhero.

However, James Gunn’s involvement with Superman: Legacy couldn’t stop Smith from revisiting previous Superman outings. Seeing Michael Shannon’s Zod appear in The Flash Super Bowl trailer led him to rewatch Man of Steel. Watching the film led to Kevin Smith praising Henry Cavill’s Superman, saying:

Like many DC fans, Smith appreciated the “good boy with an edge” appeal Cavill brought to the usually All-American boy-next-door vision they’re used to. However, as Smith and Bernardin mentioned during the podcast, the Enola Holmes star wasn’t asked back to play Superman as Gunn wants a younger Superman for his film. Fans were profoundly upset after finding out Gunn wrote the movie six months before Cavill's exit.

Only time will tell if James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy will bring a new take on the much-beloved DC superhero. The new Superman entry will arrive in theaters on July 11, 2025. Until then, watch Henry Cavill’s time as Superman by watching Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League through an active HBO Max subscription.

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