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New ‘Deadpool 3’ theory ties nicely into the latest batch of rumors

We Got This Covered 3/24/2023 David James

It’s been five long years since Deadpool 2, but the Merc with the Mouth is finally about to enter the MCU with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Deadpool 3. The shoot is scheduled to begin in May, with the film itself set to release in September 2024.

Not much else is known about the project, though the rumor mill went into overdrive this week when reliable insider Jeff Sneider teased that it’s going to heavily tie into the events of Loki. That show centers on the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organisation devoted to wrangling the branching timelines and preventing existence from collapsing into chaos.

But chaos is kind of Deadpool’s thing, so his making the leap from the Fox X-Universe (and bringing Logan along for the ride) would logically put him on the TVA’s radar. Now a fun fan theory argues that it’s possible for Deadpool 3 to reveal that Wade Wilson has been monitored by a TVA agent throughout his career:

Dopinder is the taxi driver we meet in the opening of Deadpool and by Deadpool 2 has ambitions of joining the fight and eventually uses his taxi to run over the school’s evil headmaster. That’s a pretty big leap for a non-powered taxi driver, so could he secretly be a TVA agent keeping tabs on Deadpool?

Fans think it’s a stretch, though a Dopinder variant might just work:

But why would a TVA agent lock his cousin in the trunk of his taxi?

Hell, why can’t everyone be a TVA agent?

How deep does this rabbit hole go?

If the TVA really is crossing paths with Deadpool, our money is going to be on Wade Wilson. After all, he has the rare ability to break the fourth wall and step outside traditional storytelling, and we suspect that’ll make him extremely tricky for the agents to pin him and remove him from the sacred timeline.

Here’s hoping a full synopsis of Deadpool 3 arrives when the movie begins shooting.

Deadpool 3 hit theaters on Sep. 6, 2024 and will commence the MCU’s Phase Six.

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