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Oscar Isaac Calls Moon Knight Role 'Too Good of an Opportunity to Pass Up'

MovieWeb 8/20/2022 David Christopherson
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Oscar Isaac began donning his cowl in Moon Knight when the Disney+ series was released on the streaming platform earlier this year. The series followed Steven Grant (Isaac), a gift-shop employee suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Grant would share a body with Marc Spector, also played by Isaac, a mercenary who takes over his body when the pair find themselves in dangerous situations, something that increases with each episode. Grant frequently experiences blackouts when Marc takes his body over, and we learn more about their relationship dynamic throughout the series. While Grant deals with his inner turmoil, the dangerous and powerful gods of Egypt descend upon the unlikely hero.

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When Oscar Isaac was presented with an opportunity to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Moon Knight, the actor knew it was something he didn't want to pass on. During an interview with Deadline's video series, The Process, Isaac said he felt like 'there was an opportunity to do something super unusual' with Moon Knight and his character.

"I felt like there was an opportunity to do something super unusual, on a massive stage, with these incredible resources. To find a way to do this strange character study and have this weird, psychedelic journey that's ultimately about trauma, and to do that within this genre and this framework just seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up."

Rumors of a second season for Moon Knight began circulating earlier this month, and it's certainly possible we will see Steven Grant and his alter ego once again if Disney+ decides to go further with the character.

Oscar Isaac Says he Poured His Heart Into Moon Knight

Isaac's performance in Moon Knight was arguably one of the best we've seen in the MCU thus far, and part of that is because of his ability to play multiple characters. Grant's dissociative identity disorder creates a twist in his character that we haven't seen in our Marvel heroes, giving Isaac a chance to dive even deeper into his role. He tells Deadline the character 'means something to him.

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"You kind of pour your heart into these things that you do just for the sake of doing it — not even for the result. You put that stuff in there out of a sense of play, and a sense of fun and excitement because it means something to you, and whether that shows up literally on camera is kind of beside the point."

Whether we see Oscar Isaac back in a second season of Moon Knight is still up in the air. However, you can almost certainly count on the character returning in some form, whether in a cameo in another Disney+ series or a big screen debut in an upcoming Marvel film.

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