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Ted Bundy 'American Bogeyman' Blasted As Yet Another Movie About Serial Killer Made

Newsweek logo Newsweek 7/13/2021 Emma Nolan
Ted Bundy wearing a suit and tie looking at the camera: Chad Michael Murray and Ted Bundy. © Getty Images Chad Michael Murray and Ted Bundy.

Chad Michael Murray is the latest heartthrob to play the role of serial killer Ted Bundy—prompting calls for Hollywood to stop glorifying the notorious serial killer.

American Bogeyman is the latest film to center the depraved killer who brutally murdered at least 30 women in the 1970s, following 2019's Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile starring Zac Efron.

Another film, also due for release later this year, called No Man of God sees Bundy played by actor Luke Kirby.

Today, a trailer for Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman was released just days after No Man of God dropped its own teaser.

This take on the killer's life follows a detective and rookie FBI profiler's pursuit of Bundy.

Meanwhile, No Man of God has been hailed by the Tribeca Film Festival as "the most sober and psychologically intricate look at the killer's story yet."

Murray, of One Tree Hill and Freaky Friday fame, described his project as "the anti-Ted Bundy film."

Speaking to TV Fanatic in June, he urged that the film is not "a love letter to Ted Bundy," adding, "I feel like so many times has played him up to be an antihero, and there's nothing about him that's heroic.

"He was an awful, disgusting human being who caused so much tragedy and pain to so many. And so, I didn't want to glorify him."

Why this particular serial killer has become so ingrained in pop culture is baffling many people today with the release of this new trailer as people ask: do we really need another Ted Bundy movie?

The year 2019 also saw Netlfix release the documentary Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and the following year Amazon Prime came out with Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer.

Backlash has once again ensued following the release of both trailers with ted Bundy becoming a trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday.

"the day we stop seeing ted bundy movies and documentaries is the day we find inner peace," reads one tweet.

Another shared photos of Bundy's victims and questioned whether it is appropriate to exploit their deaths for entertainment yet again.

"these were real girls and women who's lives were taken by a vile man but sure, keep making these ted bundy movies and forcing these victims families and friends to relive the trauma of what happened to their loved ones."

Many have also questioned the casting choices as Bundy is repeatedly portrayed by Hollywood heartthrobs and said to be extremely handsome—which many Twitter users disagree with.

As one Twitter user commented: "As another Ted Bundy movie is coming out, this time starring Chad Michael Murray, I would like to remind you all what he actually looked like. This man wasn't attractive or charming, he was manipulative and gross."

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