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The DC Universe Already Has A Perfect Superman Reboot

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Superman: Legacy premiers July 10, 2025, but the DC Universe already has a perfect Superman reboot. The first project announced for James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe, Superman: Legacy will be the franchise's first live-action movie. The first Superman solo film since 2013’s Man of Steel, Superman: Legacy is a new beginning not only for its titular character but for the DC franchise as a whole.

How exactly the current DCEU will lead into this new DC Universe, if at all, is too soon to say. James Gunn did confirm that The Flash resets things, meaning that 2023 is essentially the end of the DCEU franchise that began a decade ago with Man of Steel. With an ambitious slate of upcoming DC movies and TV shows, the DC Universe needs Superman: Legacy to succeed.

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DC Universe’s Man Of Tomorrow Is A Perfect Superman Movie Reboot

Superman: Man of Tomorrow, the first entry in a new series of DC animated movies released under the DC Universe umbrella, rebooted the DC animated films after Justice League Dark: Apokolips War wrapped the previous continuity. Unlike the previous DC Animated Universe that had begun with The Flashpoint Paradox and Justice League War, Man of Tomorrow was not inspired by the New 52 comics. Instead of recreating recent popular stories, Man of Tomorrow combined aspects from Superman’s lore and told an origin story that quickly separated this new animated universe from the previous one. Compared to previous DC animated movies, Man of Tomorrow’s Superman was more of a classic take.

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow was sort of an origin story, but it did not spend a lot of screen time with things like Clark in Smallville or recalling the destruction of Krypton. Instead, the animated Superman movie begins with Clark arriving in Metropolis and soon realizing he could do more by becoming Superman. Man of Tomorrow also did not wait to get right into the action, with Superman coming to face Lobo and Parasite just a few minutes into the film. Granted, the pacing of a 90-minute animated movie cannot be compared with that of a two-hour movie, but still, Superman: Man of Tomorrow is a perfect Superman film.

Superman: Legacy Sounds Similar To Man Of Tomorrow (& That’s Great)

Not much is known about the DC Universe’s Superman: Legacy, but what has already been revealed about the upcoming Superman reboot is exciting. In many ways, Superman: Legacy sounds similar to Man of Tomorrow, which is great news. Similar to Man of Tomorrow, Superman: Legacy is also a reboot that will kick off a new DC Universe right after the previous one has ended. The DC Universe’s new Superman film, which will not star Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, will follow Clark Kent at the beginning of his Superman career despite not being an origin story. This is also what Man of Tomorrow did.

Another potential parallel between Superman: Man of Tomorrow and Superman: Legacy is that the latter featured Lobo, who may appear in the new DC Universe. Lobo is one of the characters James Gunn has teased prior to the Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate announcement, with Jason Momoa teasing Lobo as a second DC character for the current Aquaman actor to play in the new DC Universe. If Lobo is to appear in the new DC Universe, then having the space bounty hunter in Superman: Legacy like Superman: Man of Tomorrow would be a smart choice.

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