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When Exactly Does Jake Fully Become A Na’vi In Avatar?

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Jake Sully transforms from human to Na'vi in James Cameron's Avatar, with the movie even establishing the time that it happens. Cameron's 2009 sci-fi mega-hit, Avatar, continues to stand as a cinematic landmark and is the highest-grossing movie ever made. Long after its release, Avatar continues to amaze and astound with its mesmerizing visual effects bringing the alien world of Pandora to life.

At the end of Avatar, the film's human protagonist Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) chooses to stay on the Na'vi's homeworld of Pandora and become a Na'vi himself. With a human-constructed Na'vi body known as an "Avatar", Jake's soul is permanently transferred into his Na'vi body at the Na'vi's sacred location known as the Soul Tree. With the event being a highly significant ritual for Jake and the Na'vi alike, Avatar even provides the date and time that Jake's full transferral into his Na'vi form takes place.

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The Exact Date & Time Of Jake's Na'vi Transformation

In Avatar's last scene, Jake records one final message RDA's home base before his Na'vi initiation ritual. As Jake speaks, the monitor's readout shows the date of his recording as 08/24/2154. Just above it, the time readout reveals the hour and minute count at about 19:10 as Jake speaks, with Jake closing the scene with "I don't want to be late for my own party. It's my birthday after all."

From this information, it is likely that Jake Sully becoming a Na'vi takes place shortly after his final recorded message. With the time it would take to get from the RDA base to the Na'vi's Soul Tree and for the ritual to commence, the exact time that Jake fully becomes a Na'vi seems likely to be between 7:30 and 8:30 PM on August 24th, 2154.

The Importance Of Jake Fully Becoming A Na'vi

Jake's arc in Avatar is about his journey to coming to identify with the Na'vi culture and fully join them, and has been likened to Dances with Wolves and other stories like it. As payment as his work in RDA's mining operation on Pandora, Jake is promised the restoration of his legs by Avatar's villain Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) for his help in getting the Na'vi out of RDA's way. With Jake choosing to fully embrace the Na'vi over his human identity, he gets the use of his legs back in a new body, but more importantly, is re-born as a new man with what the Na'vi have taught him.

The significance of that can be seen in Jake's final line of his last transmission "This is Jake Sully, signing off". In a manner of speaking, Jake is indeed "signing off" with his human body peacefully dying as he enters a new one. As a Na'vi, Jake starts over in a very literal sense, Avatar concluding with Jake Sully having his eyes opened by the culture of the Na'vi and their connection to Ewa. Avatar even signifies the importance of this change for Jake by showing the exact date of his transfer as Jake's new birthday.

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