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X-Men Fan Film Finally Gives Rogue and Gambit the Romance Fox Didn’t

CBR 12/5/2022 Leon Miller
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A new X-Men fan film just gave fans the Rogue and Gambit live-action romance that 20th Century Fox's movie franchise failed to deliver.

The fan film, titled Uncanny: An X-Universe Fan Film, recently surfaced on writer-director Kaitlin Cornuelle's YouTube channel. It sees sparks fly between Rogue (Alexa Cappiello) and Gambit (Charlie Chappell) at a mountain retreat, where Rogue has taken refuge following the death of her childhood sweetheart Cody. In the accompanying synopsis, Cornuelle describes the fan film as "exploring vulnerability and intimacy with two superheroes who can't touch."

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Uncanny: An X-Universe Fan Film will no doubt fuel many fans' excitement to see the X-Men on screen in a more official capacity, courtesy of Marvel Studios' upcoming reboot of the franchise. The studio first announced that an X-Men movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in the works back in 2019, however, the project still lacks a release date. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently reassured fans that the X-Men's MCU debut was "getting close," citing Deadpool 3 as evidence of X-franchise elements being incorporated into the shared universe's canon.

Who Will Play the MCU's X-Men?

It's currently unclear which characters will fill the MCU X-Men's roster, although fans continue to lobby Marvel Studios to include Rogue in the movie. Nope star Keke Palmer is a popular choice to play the role among the franchise's fanbase, and she has expressed interest in bringing Rogue to life in recent interviews. Palmer even suited up in impressive Rogue cosplay for Halloween, giving fans a taste of what she might look like as the fan-favorite mutant superhero.

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Despite all the buzz surrounding Palmer and other prospective X-Men candidates, at least one actor from the Fox movies is eager to reprise their role in the reboot. Kelsey Grammer, who portrayed Beast in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past, recently joked he would boycott Marvel Studios' parent company Disney if they didn't invite him back. "If they don’t ask me to return to the role of Beast, I'll never go to Disneyland again," he said. "I'd love for them to do that. I want to do that."

By contrast, Grammer's Days of Future Past co-star James McAvoy confirmed in a recent interview that he has no interest in reprising the role of team mentor Professor Charles Xavier. McAvoy insisted he hasn't spoken with Feige about playing Xavier in the X-Men reboot, although he was also quick to dispel rumors he didn't enjoy his tenure with X-franchise.

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