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0:00 Jim felt he was dying after God told him what was coming 2:02 Mark Biltz, the man who discovered the Blood Moons 4:14 Jim Bakker's Buckets 7:31 Pastor Mike Bickle and Hudson and the only bottle that removes radiation from water 9:54 God gave us a new leader, a new president and they're trying to kill him 11:24 Pastor Jim helps you prepare for Trump's America 12:15 The cheese is called queso in these Fiesta Buckets 16:31 The Holy Spirit hovered over Lori when she was in places she shouldn't have been 17:01 Pastor Jim says the Lord is coming with fire 21:40 End Times song with Kevin Shorey 22:33 Jim had a two week dream about young people 25:22 Jim Bakker is the only preacher concerned about your bowel movements 32:24 The same day Trump arrived in the Middle East, the circus closed down 33:31 Pastor Jim helps you stay alive during the apocalypse / BASTA! 37:45 The Shmita cycle with rice preacher John Shorey If you like my videos and want to support what I do, check out my Patreon- Hit that SUBSCRIBE button, LIKE & SHARE! ALL of my Jim Bakker Show videos together at last! WATCH MORE: Televangelist Kenneth Copeland seals God's BLOOD COVENANT with his congregation: VIC BERGER PRESENTS RAPPERS: Happy New Year 2021:
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