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Bona Fide Spendthrifts: The Terrible Spending Habits Of These Celebrities Dropped Their Net Worth

TheThings logo TheThings 7/5/2022 Devon Westbo
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There is a reason why everyone wants to be famous, and it is not about the paparazzi. Celebrities have famously full bank accounts. They make more money on one movie or public appearance than some people see in their entire lifetime. These huge paychecks and padded bank accounts allow them to live luxuriously, almost without limits.

Related: Nina Dobrev's Boyfriends Ranked By Net WorthHowever, there are limits. Celebrities do not have an infinite amount of money. Additionally, when they are surrounded by things worth more than most houses, it can be easy to blow through all of their money. Keep scrolling to find out which celebrities squandered their net worth.

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick is a famous singer, television host, and actress. She made some of the biggest hit songs in history during her prime in the mid to late nineties. She is known to be one of the most charted female vocalists ever. Songs like Walk on By, I'll Never Love This Way Again, and That's What Friends Are For are songs that prove why she was so successful. With all that success, you know she was making bank! Despite her hundreds of millions of album sales, Warwick's fortune dwindled to less than one thousand dollars in 2013. She blames it on her shopping addiction and poor financial management skills.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker is well known for his role as a comedian and actor. Everyone knows about his legendary co-star role with Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour films. His career took off in the early nineties starting with his appearance on Def Comedy Jam. His jokes left the audience laughing so hard, that they would never forget it. He gained a lot of attention for his talents and made a lot of money. However, his net worth dwindled when he was met with a massive tax bill that had accumulated after years of avoiding the payments.

Allen Iverson

This former American professional basketball player was so good, that people called him "The Answer". He played many seasons in the NBA as a point guard and the shooting guard. He played for the Memphis Grizzlies, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Denver Nuggets, and the Detroit Pistons. One could say he had a pretty successful career. This career made him hundreds of millions of dollars. However, it was not to last. Due to his affinity for shiny things, Iverson went broke because he spent through his net worth on jewelry.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is the famous love and partner to the father of grunge music, Kurt Cobain. She has had nefarious rumors circulate about her intentions and her ideals ever since she was brought into the spotlight. After Cobain's death in 1994, she was given the rights to Nirvana, and made millions of dollars. However, she was irresponsible and partied it all away. She spent every last penny excessively and tanked her net worth.

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MC Hammer

This American rapper and dancer is basically a household name. He was a massive figure in the 80s and the 90s and made his lasting mark on the music industry. Songs like U Can't Touch This and Pumps and a Bump are still played on everyone's party playlists, even today. He sold millions of albums all over the world during his career, and made tons of money. However, he lost his net worth because he had a massive payroll. With his success, he paid his friends money, and it eventually added up.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has been starring in TV shows and movies for forever. He is well known for his role in National Treasure, and seems to always have work lined up. This means that he is always making money. Interestingly, he seems to always be spending it too. He has chosen to spend his money on really strange stuff, and that helped lead him to financial ruin. He actually had to declare bankruptcy at one point.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is well known for her role in things like Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. She made so much money working on iconic movies like these, and she was expected to have a long and successful career. However, she racked up debts and battled scandal after scandal that has made it very difficult for her to find work on screen. She still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars, and her net worth is not growing due to the lack of work.

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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has had a rough go of it the past year or so. With the trial, his divorce, and losing acting opportunities that he was legendary for, how is he supposed to cope? With a highly remarkable career like his, it is no surprise that Johnny Depp was always paid handsomely for the roles he portrayed. He made tens of millions of dollars for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, alone. With this famous actor's current troubles, people have temporarily forgotten his financial lawsuits that happened a little while back. Previously, Depp tried to sue for the problems that he was experiencing with his finances, and it gave everyone a look at how gargantuan they were. He actually spent three million dollars to blast the ashes of a journalist out of a cannon. With spending habits like that, no wonder he blew through his net worth.

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