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Concerts And Live Music Around Los Angeles County This Week

Patch logo Patch 10/22/2018 Emily Holland
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LOS ANGELES, CA – There are a ton of great shows to catch this week in Los Angeles County, and we've gathered a list of live music from twenty of the county's top music venues for this week's round-up. From blues, to throwbacks, to indie rock, and electronic, there's something for everyone to see.

This week, Patch caught up with Carl Broemel, a prolific artist most known as the guitarist in the indie rock band My Morning Jacket. In 2007 Broemel was listed among Rolling Stone's "20 New Guitar Gods" for his solo work in addition to his contributions to various bands.

Broemel recently released a solo album titled "Wished Out" through Stocks in Asia/Thirty Tigers.

Emily Holland: You’re an insanely talented guitarist, did any famous guitarists inspire you? What initially drove you to learn guitar?

Carl Broemel: Thank you! When I was a kid, my first guitar hero was Eddie Van Halen. When my dad, who is a classical musician, heard Van Halen, he could hear the classical music undertones so he gave me an Andres Segovia classical guitar CD – so those two were my first real inspirations. As I went through high school, I got introduced to lots of other players like Johnny Marr, Peter Buck, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, and Neil Young. Thanks to my dad’s influence I got a degree in classical guitar in college..and more recently I've been studying Danny Gatton, Jerry Douglas, Clarence White, and George Harrison.

EH: What inspires you lyrically?

CB: Lately, reading books has been a huge part of getting ideas for songs. I’ve been reading Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carlo Rovelli, Sharon Salsburg, and Yuval Noah Harari. I’ve been reading about astrophysics, meditation and history, as much as I can grasp it! I think my favorite writer at the moment is Loren Eiseley, who wrote essays relating to his work an an archeologist. His books are not overly scientific, they are more concerned with understanding deep stretches of time, and also trying to understand our place in the universe. His book “The Immense Journey” is amazing. Some of the songs on "Wished Out" are inspired by the beauty and wonder of current scientific knowledge – fom a simple explanation of how a rainbow comes to be, how a bat “sees," to the unknown things in space like dark matter and life on exoplanets. It feels to me that it is time for us all to try and look at the world this way, rather than through the lens of any particular religion.

EH: Who are your biggest musical inspirations/influences? Any artists that have helped shape your personal style/sound?

CB: I’ve always written songs and played in bands, but rarely was I the lead singer. But when I heard the album “Other Songs” by Ron Sexmith back in 1998, it kind of opened my mind as to what songwriting and production could sound like. After that I started trying harder to finish more songs and sing them myself. I’m still a huge fan of Ron’s albums.

EH: I’m a big fan of My Morning Jacket, and it was a natural transition into becoming an equally big fan of your solo stuff. Do you see any overlap in the two projects (aside from the fact that you’re in both)?

CB: One project informs the other, I often jump back and forth, and it seems to keep both worlds feeling fresh and fun. Lately, I've really been enjoying co-writing with people here in Nashville, and also getting into producing records for other groups. It's always a learning situation no matter what, and I love that.

I’m hoping that I’ll always be lucky enough to get to play with My Morning Jacket, and get to jump around and do other. It's a blast to be in a band, and a huge challenge to go it alone.

EH: Do you have a preference for your solo project vs. working in band, in regards to creative liberties, etc.

CB: See above ;)

EH: What are you listening to right now?

CB: I’m listening to “There’s a Riot Going On” by Yo La Tengo, Bedouine’s self titled album, “Critical Equation” by Dr. Dog, “The Lookout” by Laura Veirs, and The Guardians of the Galaxy Ultimate Mixtape with my nine-year-old, it's actually really great!

Listen to "Wished Out" below, and see Broemel perform live Tuesday at the Bootleg Theatre. Buy tickets here.

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