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Eminem Says He Doesn’t Care if His Politics Are Polarizing, ‘If It’s Gonna Divide My Fanbase, Then so Be It’

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Many consider Eminem to be one of the greatest rappers ever, with iconic songs such as “Stan” and “Without Me.”  The Detriot rapper has never strayed away from making uncompromising political statements, which have polarized some of his fans. However, Eminem says he doesn’t care if his politics divide his fan base, as he always wants to speak what he believes is the truth. 

Eminem has always been direct about his politics

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Eminem has been an influential figure in the hip-hop industry since emerging in the 1990s. His lyrics were filled with rage, attitude, and dark humor, but he also expressed raw honesty, sharing details about growing up in a poor Detroit community. His honesty has also extended to his political opinions, which has created controversy with some of his fans. 

In 2017, Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, released a freestyle at the BET Hip Hop Awards where he criticized Donal Trump, going after everything from his presidency to his moral code. The video had a mixed reaction from his fans, but Eminem doesn’t regret being so openly critical of the former president. In the new BBC documentary Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World, the 8 Mile star reflected on this freestyle, saying he needed to “take a stand.”

“At that moment, he divided the country. Some of the things that were coming out of his mouth!.. I don’t know. It was getting me angry,” Eminem stated (shared via ePro News). “You need to be aware of your platform. Sometimes you might need to take a stand and say certain things. I felt like, I wanna take this opportunity to let people who don’t know what I’m about to understand: this is why I’m saying this. This is what I felt I need to say right now. I wanted to make it so that there was no doubt.”

Eminem doesn’t care if his opinions polarize fans

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The anti-Trump freestyle isn’t the only time Eminem has been harsh toward a sitting president. In 2004, the rapper released “Mosh,” a protest song against George Bush, where Eminem encouraged his listeners to vote Bush out of office. The video garnered controversy, but Eminem never avoided voicing his political opinions. Today, the Detroit rapper says rap can be divisive, but it can also be a way to bring people together. 

“If it’s gonna divide my fan base, then so be it. You might divide some people, but you also can bring so many people together. And maybe I can take this opportunity and this platform I get to be somebody who could inspire change. The power of rap has brought so many people together. So many different nationalities, so many people from all backgrounds, and I don’t know if that happens without hip hop.”

The rapper has always been honest throughout his career

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While not everyone agrees on Eminem’s politics, many fans find his honesty refreshing, especially in how open he is about his life. The “Lose Yourself” rapper often raps about his upbringing, personal experiences, and his challenging relationship with his mother. In the documentary, other rappers shared their respect for Eminem, saying he represents a community that isn’t often seen in hip-hop. 

“You can’t talk about Eminem without talking about Dr. Dre,” rapper Killer Mike explained. “Dr. Dre foresaw N.W.A. and helped create what the gangsta music was. But he also understood that game needed changing. What Dr. Dre recognized in Eminem was that there is a place for poor white people to have a say in this culture.”

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