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Fairport Convention - time will show the wiser - 1968

From their debut Album recorded in 1967 and released in 68 this was the original incarnation of Fairport convention with Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Martin Lamble, Judy Dyble and Iain Matthews. At the time aluding more to American folk rock sutch as the Byrds and Dylan and due to the duel vocals of Judy Dyble and Iain Matthews they were dubbed the brittish Jefferson Airplane. To learn more just look them up on Wikipedia ;). This is my version of the TV footage that exists of them which is unfortunately pretty poor quality. Although the original footage is actually a live recording (quite a bit faster) there wasnt really much i could do with my copy so I replaced it with the original Album version which was more or less the same (albeit slightly slower) as the live recording . The only thing you really miss is Richard Thomson's slightly different guitar licks here and there but I'm sure you'll agree he sounds phenominal on the album recording anyway. I made this in order to give people who are unfamiliar with early fairport convention to get a treat for their ears so Im afraid the video in this case is still a bit of a sow's ear. ie I couldnt make much of a silk purse out of it ;) Hope you enjoy it and as always if you own the rights to the video and would like me to remove it please contact me. Enjoy!
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