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Jay Allen - Tattoos to Heaven (Lyric Video)

Jay Allen - Tattoos to Heaven (Official Lyric Video) Don't forget to subscribe for more music! Follow Jay Allen ▶ Stream: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: Lyrics: This one here I wasn’t all there for Had too much to drink one night And stumbled through a door I got this cross on my arm Before I knew what a cross was for That one there You can still make out her name Yeah, I thought I loved her once But all she did was cause me pain Now she’s covered up And that’s how she’s gonna stay Just another drop of ink along the way I’ll take these tattoos to heaven Every line, every lesson The ones I loved and hurt Along the road I’ve been down They’re the moments that made me The woman that saved me I’ll take ‘em to the grave And right on up to the clouds My broken-hearted Washed in whiskey Holy confession Whoa, I’ll take these tattoos to heaven I’ll take these tattoos to heaven Momma’s gone But she ain’t far She lives on and on And everyday Her memory keeps me strong Now she’s part of me ‘Cause she’s an angel on my arm And girl, I wish She could’ve met you ‘Cause you’re everything She would’ve ever wanted me to choose In this world That’s why you’re painted on me, girl It’s a fight in the rain A ring down the drain A drive to Tennessee It’s a smile at a bar A kiss in the car The way you looked at me It’s a 2am call Fist through that wall Cut me like a knife It’s more than ink A song, a drink A map of my whole life #JayAllen #TattoosToHeaven #NewCountry
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