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Katy Perry Confuses the Internet With Bizarre Props in Video Viewed 1M Times

Newsweek 1/6/2022 Ashley Gale
Katy Perry, shown sitting next to a giant mask, performs at her new Las Vegas residency 'Play' on December 29th, 2021. © John Shearer / Contributor/Getty Images Entertainment Katy Perry, shown sitting next to a giant mask, performs at her new Las Vegas residency 'Play' on December 29th, 2021.

Katy Perry is notorious for having incredible, odd, and never before seen props during her wildly popular world tours, and now she has done it again. A recent video has gone viral for its bizarre prop selection, which includes unsavory bathroom items. The clip shows Perry sitting on a pile of toilet paper on top of a toilet while singing one of her hit songs — with someone dressed in a poop costume while dancing out of a prop toilet.

The "Firework" singer previously announced via Twitter that her Las Vegas Residency, "Play," would begin on December 29 at the Resorts World hotel. Due to COVID-19 protocols, the concert has limited shows in January, then breaks until the beginning of March.

Perry is no stranger to going viral. With more than 44 million monthly listeners on Spotify, many of her hits have over 100 million streams. Perry's music videos such as "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)," "Roar," and "Bon Appétit" have reached over 1 billion views on YouTube. However, it's the star's toilet humor that left fans utterly baffled.

Posted on TikTok by @auroras_and_sad_prose_, the caption reads, "Just wanna give you angles."

"what...." @Xiomara commented.

"Poop is genuinely disgusting have y'all ever changed diapers or picked up dog shi cuz it's not cute or funny at all it's just GROSS sorry not sorry," @Jesse wrote.

Video: Katy Perry reveals the setlist for her Vegas residency (The Independent)


Many other viewers understood the concept and loved it.

"Now this is camp!!!!" @James exclaimed, referring to the term that parallels "extreme."

"what a tacky queen. i love it" @Nicole said.

"have you guys never seen Katy Perry perform she does weird sh*t like this" @isla added.

The pop star began the show with a short video while welcoming the crowd to "Perry's Playland." Her grand entrance revealed a giant hand lowering her to the stage to the tune of another top hit, "E.T." The seasoned singer performed her biggest hits, including "California Girls," "Dark Horse, and "Hot N Cold," all while using the strange props.

Bathroom items aside, there were many other peculiar props like a talking blue mask, a very large bathtub, and white picket fences. Perry's backup dancers were also dressed in unbelievable costumes to round out the "Katy Perry" experience. As for the star's outfit, the dress lactated beer which is reminiscent of a whipped cream bra from previous years' shows.

The viral post now has 1 million views, 126k likes, and over 1.8k comments and growing.

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