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Lil Nas X Trolls Elon Musk With Deepfake Video Promising a ‘Cute’ New Sheriff in Twitter Town

Billboard 12/1/2022 Gil Kaufman
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It’s hard to know what is going on at Twitter from minute-to-minute these days. New owner Elon Musk has been tweaking (and untweaking) so many features that even veteran users feel like they don’t know what to expect. So imagine Lil Nas X‘s surprise when he spotted a clearly deepfake video of the billionaire Chief Twit saying he’s going to hand the keys over after just one chaotic month.


“OMG is this real,” the “Industry Baby” MC wrote on Thursday night (Nov. 30) alongside a retweet of a superfan’s post of a doctored video in which Musk appears to say, “As of today at 6 EST I will be relieving myself of all duties and giving the CEO position of Twitter to Lil Nas X. Only users who agree that he’s cute, fun and petite will be allowed to keep their accounts effective immediately.”

And while the video is bunk, you might recall that back in July 2019 Lil Nas actually did become the social media company’s CEO, if only for a day when CEO Jack Dorsey handed over the title. Nas’ first order of business back then was firing Dorsey and trying to add some features that users had long demanded, such as an edit feature. It was all a goof, of course, but one that ended deliciously when the Atlanta native hit the Twitter cafeteria to serve up some paninis to the team, who presented him with a cake celebrating the Hot 100 record-setting run of his breakthrough single, “Old Town Road.”

The phony Musk video hilariously closed the loop on a joke Lil Nas made in early November shortly after the Space X/Tesla CEO took over, when he appointed himself Top Twit with a similar statement. “As of today at 5:30pm est. i will be relieving Mr. Musk of all duties and taking position as ceo of Twitter HQ,” Lil Nas tweeted in a clearly jokey post at a confusing time when some users had to say the joke out loud out of fear that they would get booted for employing parody to taunt Elon. “Only users who agree that i am cute, fun, and petite will be allowed to keep their accounts. effective immediately.”

Check out the Musk deepfake below.

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