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Live performances keeping audience, performers safe amid COVID-19

KVII Amarillo logo KVII Amarillo 10/23/2020 Dalton Williams

The show must go on, the traveling showcase Paranormal Cirque makes its stop in Amarillo to give people their fix for Halloween sights and frights. Unit Manager for Paranormal, Olivia Mattice, sheds some light on how the audience will remain safe.

"Within our stands to keep our guests safe we have everyone socially distance within our stands. So, everybody will have space in front of them, behind them and on the sides, within their group or party so no one is within that social distance limit," said Mattice. "And we also have social distancing stickers all throughout the tent as well to remind people to kind of keep that bubble at a distance."

Mattice also added that there will be several hand sanitizing stations throughout the tent as well as a strict mask rule in place. But due to CDC regulations, she said that parts of the show had to be changed.

"We've had to make quite a few adjustments within our show itself. Because we, before COVID, used to be very interactive," said Mattice. "We used to dance with our crowd, bring them on stage, we would do a little bit of light contact within our pre-show haunted house area but ever since that happened we've had to eliminate all of that. Unfortunately shortening our show about 45 minutes so, we're about an hour and a half duration during the show."

But even with the reduced showtime, the performers said that the energy from the crowd hasn't changed.

"I've been amazed to see that, I think people still come and they're still so excited to have a good time," said Holland. "People are still cheering and screaming and everybody leaves, I'm sure if we could see their faces we would see they have a smile on their faces but their eyes are smiling."

Holland adds that although the show has been paired down to ensure the safety of the audience, people that visit can still expect to be scared and have fun. The Paranormal Cirque will be here through November first.


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