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Los Lobos "Jamaica Say You Will" (from Native Sons - Pre-Order Now!)

From the new album "Native Sons", out July 30th (@New West Records) Vinyl + CD: Amazon Music: Apple Music: Spotify: Pandora: Tidal: Deezer: A timeless, mythic narrative based on Jackson Browne’s love for a girl who worked in an organic food orchard in Malibu next to the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Steve: A very delicate track. I know it’s a big favorite of Dave’s and he brought it in, but I was surprised—I mean, that’s kind of a heavy lift! Dave knocked it out of the park. Everybody did great work on it. I think we did it justice. David: Another old favorite. Great song. Louie introduced me to Jackson. We’ve worked together on projects and become friends. Louie: I used to go over to David’s house after school and listen to records with him, and this song always resonated for me—such a beautiful melody. And the narrative was something I was attracted to. The storytelling. This song in particular inspired me to write from introspection—and I saw that my songs could be personal, but I could still write them to be universal. To this day, that’s been the template. Subscribe to the official Los Lobos YouTube channel: LYRICS: Jamaica was the lovely one I played her well As we lay in the tall grass Where the shadows fell Hiding from the children So they would not tell We would stay there 'Til her sister rang The evening bell Jamaica, say you will Help me find a way to fill These empty hours Say you will Come again tomorrow The daughter of a captain On the rolling seas She would stare across The water from the trees Last time he was home He held her on his knees And said, the next time They would sail away Just where they pleased Jamaica, say you will Help me find a way to fill These lifeless sails And stay until My ships can find the sea Jamaica was a sweet young one I loved her true She was a comfort And a mercy through and through Hiding from this world together Next thing I knew We had brought her things Down to the bay, what could I do Jamaica, say you will Help me find a way to fill These sails And we will sail until Our waters have run dry Follow Los Lobos: © 2021 New West Records #LosLobos #JamaicaSayYouWill #JacksonBrowne #NativeSons #EastLosAngeles
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